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Boss has no backbone

By MsIT ·
Sorry, This post is closed and resolved. Thanks.

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Whistle Blower

by mjd420nova In reply to Boss has no backbone

If your job and reputation are at stake, REPORT IT. If your job requirement is such that it
should be reported, REPORT IT. If this user is seperate from your network on his own DSL line
and his own machine, let him poker away. I had a
similar occurance but the user hit a stone wall when it came to giving him administrator permissions, That's the biggest NO-NO and I
held the line and he uses his own laptop that
is using someones wireless connection to pay
his games. The owner of the wireless is offsite
and not my problem so I'll in the clear.

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Not his own machine

by MsIT In reply to Whistle Blower

That's just the problem. This is not his machine. It is a Gov machine! If this machine get compromised how do I explain it?

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Misuse of Federal Assets

by BFilmFan In reply to Not his own machine

Report that incident to the security control organization.

For the military, it is DISA. Trust me that DISA is NOT afraid of the union...

For other agencies, it varies. If you are not sure, send me an email on my link and I will ask around and get you the correct agency to report it.

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Paper trails!

by noyoki In reply to Misuse of Federal Assets

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!

Record the meeting with your boss showing your disaproval. Get HIM to take responsibility for giving the usr admin. This way it is off your shoulders and you can show that you tried to stop this, and were told to do it.

Any e-mails that may have been sent/received on the issue (better than the meetings in some cases, because your boss can't just say "That never happened!", logs don't lie) keep in a safe place.

If possible, have the usr sign something that he knows that the gov't banner should be there and he doesn't want it. If not, have the boss sign it.

Anything signed, keep either the original or a copy. Doesn't have to be in any special format. "I understand the laws of the Government and I take full responsibility for the removal of ____ banner", is just as binding.

In short, anything that you can find that you disaprove of, log it! In addition to reporting it, this will give you the leverage to keep yourself out of trouble.

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Thanks Guys!

by MsIT In reply to Paper trails!

I thought I was right. I like the manager and didn't want to get him in trouble because he is not as familiar with IT like the supervisor is. I'll check to see if I can report this!

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by c.reifert In reply to Thanks Guys!

Well, it says it was resolved, but Inquiring minds (mine) would like to find out what happened. :)


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I want to know too

by master3bs In reply to

it seems odd that the original post was edited. Did the post become public knowledge at the work place?

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by master3bs In reply to Not his own machine

I know you said the post was closed, but in response to this question, documentation is key.

I'd continue to press the issue, and have done so in the past. But if your boss forces you to allow something that should not be allowed, document everything to protect yourself.

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"Use" the Union.

by jeff.allen In reply to document

Don't be afraid if this guy wants to involve the Union. Most Unions know what the rules are and if they have any sense (which most do), they will tell this guy the facts of life.

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How Fortunate

by Aaron A Baker In reply to "Use" the Union.

How lucky for this employee that he wasn't addressing Me with his "Union Threat". Right after he picked himself up off his ***, where I put him, I would have explained the few things to him. I a very clear voice, he would have been told that "I'm the boss" He does it the way I want or hit's the road. No union will back somebody that stupid. Then I would remind him that even in the "God Almighty" world of Unions there are laws of coexistence and they "Shall " be obeyed. The first of these laws is {I'm the boss, your boss and I don't get told by you, what to do in my own shop."
If he still felt like he needed to get into my face, I would more than welcome the opportunity, and thereby establish once and for all who rules here.
Let the Union rep come, give him the scenario and remind him of the same thing. This isn't a Union problem, it's a mental deficiency and lack of spine problem. This deficient shouldn't have a job today, but alas and thanks to you, he does, that means that you can expect more of this conduct until you get a Spine Transplant and kick his arrogant butt right off the property. Let the Unions comes and don't back down, NEVER Back Down. Do you rule or do they? You think the union is going to concerned with a two bit tin horn like this, WRONG!! Unions might be a pain in the Butt with a way Overinflated sense of their own worth but they're not stupid. They only take on things they know they can win, they would have lost this one and you know it. Too bad you gave them and this little creep the win.
What about "Your duty to your Bosses?" What happened to that? and now what should happen to you because you couldn't bring yourself to act as you know full well you should have.
I'm sorry my friend, but if it were me, you both would be out of a job. The Mental Deficient for not following orders and especially you for not having the guts to knock him on his *** when you had the chance and the Unions be dammed. For not standing up for your Bosses,
You Sir, Should be gone too.
Have good Day

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