Both Desktop&Wifi-laptop - not seeing Internet

By billmichie ·
Helping a friend. Comcast modem. Linksys WRT545G router. XP Pro.

With Desktop only (to modem): works fine, can use internet.

Introduce the router (modem to router Wan, one of ports back to the Desktop RJ45 ethernet).

Now neither one sees the Internet. Both say they are fully connected (can connect a laptop with the security password -- actually can use itouch too, same result). Browsers report 'no can see home page' etc).

I must be missing something. (It's obvious I'm not a network guy. <g&gt
Someone else tried, and "tried things" before I got involved. So I suspect settings off.

I have searched Google, missed an answer so far.

Thanks (my friend's daughter needs the wifi for homework - kinda anxious)


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Assuming that this is a cable internet connection

by tintoman In reply to Both Desktop&Wifi-laptop ...

You will most likely need to clone the mac address of the modem in order to get this working.
So log in to the router settings page via internet explorer and look for the setting to "clone mac address"

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I'll try that....

by billmichie In reply to Assuming that this is a c ...

Thanks tintoman,

I'll learn how to do this, and try it. There is always something to learn.

I'm been to the router before, so know how to do that part.

Thanks again.


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