Both my usb mouse and keyboard are not working, Please help!

By yhee ·
Hi guys,

I am currently using wins xp, all along i had no problems with my keyboard n mouse as they are plug and play.

but recently, i updated the driver of my mouse... and then for gaming experience reasons.. i decided to roll back the old driver...

after i did that, both my mouse and keyboard wouldnt work at log in page of windows...

I could do f8 upon restart and enter safe mode... but my keyboard and mouse wouldnt work upon reaching the log in page of windows as well...

i am quite lost now... is there anyway to remedy?

Thanks in advance!

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by oldbaritone In reply to Both my usb mouse and key ...

Try deleting (remove) the devices in the Hardware Device Manager, then reboot. That will reload both device drivers.

I'm not sure that will work, but it's worth a try. You may have to use the power button to force the reboot after you delete the keyboard and mouse.

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I'm curious.

by Ron K. In reply to Delete/Reinstall

How do you go about doing that if the mouse and keyboard don't work?

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Use a ps2 KB

by DMambo In reply to Both my usb mouse and key ...

Log in using a PS2 KB, then attach the USB mouse after Windows starts up.

Are you sure you're waiting long enough for the USB mouse and KB to be found? Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 minutes.

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If the computer is legacy free...

by Ron K. In reply to Use a ps2 KB

Must be they're SOL. I have a Dell, 8 years old, that doesn't have PS/2 inputs.

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5-pin DIN

by DMambo In reply to If the computer is legacy ...

I keep a 5-pin DIN KB and serial mouse on hand for those special occasions

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Just from personal experience

by jfuller05 In reply to Both my usb mouse and key ...

At the user account/login screen, sometimes when installing a new or reloaded driver usb mouse and keyboard, it takes a little longer than usual for the mouse/keyboard to be recognized(work). Maybe you could just wait a little bit and move the mouse to see if it's working.

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i tried to use a ps 2 mouse... not working as well.

by yhee In reply to Just from personal experi ...

i have waited for more than 40 mins... but it wouldnt work. as regards to usb mouse ...

is there a way which is like editing in bios?

or is formatting and re- installing the one and only solution?

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