Bottleg copy won't run now.

By randerson7 ·
A client has found that his machine is bootleg WXP. It is now not letting him log on. what is easiest route to save all materials and provide legal copy? Original OS was ME! What should they buy? OEM or upgrade?
This system would need upgrade to run Vista.

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'ME, XP, Vista - but which one is Bootleg' is your real question.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Bottleg copy won't run no ...

You've got to start thinking with some sense.

If the original system was ME and now the update to XP seems to be a bootleg, what makes you think it's the fault of XP?

Also what makes you think that an Upgrade will nullify the Bootleg? It will still be an upgraded bootleg!!

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OEM requires Hardware purchase

by rahouseholder In reply to Bottleg copy won't run no ...

The only way they can get a legitimate OEM copy is if they buy the qualifying hardware with it. It's either that, or buy a retail version...

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Best bet is...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Bottleg copy won't run no ...

Put the drive in a removable enclosure or slave it to a second machine and copy the data from the hdd to another machine. Then wipe the drive with DBAN and reload a legitimate copy of WinXP. You can find a legitimate copy at Newegg

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Reality Check

by TheChas In reply to Bottleg copy won't run no ...

Reading your post, it is time for a reality check.

What should they buy? A NEW computer!

If there system originally came with Windows Me, odds are the hardware cannot handle Vista.

If you can get it to boot up, try running the Vista Upgrade Adviser.

I suspect you will find that the system is low on RAM, has a video card that is under-powered, and may even have too slow of a CPU.

It is even possible that every other peripheral is not supported by Vista.

Then, there is the issue of free hard drive space. And, the required DVD drive for installing Vista.

If by some chance you can install at least 1 GB of RAM, and enough of a video card, then the question is do they qualify for the upgrade version of Vista?

Is the copy of Me legitimate?
Will it run? Or, do they have the Me CD?

"IF" they have the Me CD, then, they should buy the Vista Home upgrade version and perform a clean install.

Back up all data a account settings. Then, boot with the Vista DVD and have the installer format the hard drive.

You will need to insert the Me CD so the installer can verify that the system qualifies for the upgrade.

Still, I think you are going to find that Vista will not run very well on this hardware.

Oops, mis-read the original post. Even so, I recommend a new system. A system that came with Me is at least 7 years old! At a minimum, I would replace the power supply and hard drive before installing a new copy of XP.

As to data recovery, install the new hard drive and install a legal copy of XP. (Upgrade if they have the Me CD.)
Then, mount the old hard drive in a USB enclosure. Plug it in and transfer the files.

You may have problems recovering account settings and product keys for the other installed software. You should only attempt to install their applications if they can provide the install CDs and product keys.


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