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By mike.winfrey ·
I have exchange 2003 hosting multiple domains. I have one domain owner who would like for email sent to all nonexistant email addresses to be forwarded to him instead of an NDR being generated. Can this be done?

A specific example is as follows:
the domain is with email addresses for usera, userb, userc and owner. Email addressed to usera, userb, userc, and owner go to owner as expected. email addressed to nonexistant addresses such as joe, ****, and all others should go to owner. I know this sounds ridiculous but that's what the owner wants. Can this be done using Exchange 2003?


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by Ltop In reply to Bounced Messages


In Exchange5.5 the option lies under Internet Mail Service/Properties.

You set the Administrators mailbox to be whoever's address, and then set whatever notifications you want to receive.

Any mail sent to (as per your example) would go to the administrator or the particular address you setup.

I would imagine it would be available in somewhat the same area under Ex2K3.

Let us know how u get on,


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by mike.winfrey In reply to Bounced Messages

Thanks for your reply...I also sent an email to MS and got an answer that this feature isn't available. So, I don't know what to think at this point.

I looked for something like the internet service properties in the exchange service manager but haven't found anything yet.

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by mike.winfrey In reply to

I guess the real answer is that Exchange 2003 doesn't do what I want it to. However, I found a 3rd party program that does and it works very well. It is called mailbasketmd found at So, I guess that's the end of that. Thanks for your help.

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by Ltop In reply to Bounced Messages

I found this under Exchange 2003 features:

Inbound recipient filtering. Reduce unsolicited junk e-mail messages by filtering inbound messages based on the recipient. Messages that are addressed to users who are not found, or to whom the sender does not have the permissions to send, are rejected. This applies only to messages sent by anonymously authenticated users.

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by Ltop In reply to

I should have added that this feature is prob turned on by default, but must/should have an "off" switch as well.

Can you find anything on "Inbound Recipient Filtering"

Under Exchange Help on your server?


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