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Bowling for Columbine- Fear in IT p1

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I finally got around to seeing the movie "Bowling for Columbine" last weekend and have been thinking about it all day, but as soon as I hit TR today it has really really struck a chord with me. I just responded to someone who was talking about taking different parts of a program and reassembling them, adding some of their own etc. and never used the word "hack" once. To be honest, I have wondered on several occasions how much I wanted to discuss or say online about the internal workings of somebig name software companies.
There have been numerous occasions here (and other online haunts) where I have bit my tongue about certain issues that although I absolutely know aren't connected to US national security, I would rather not have connected to any handle that can be traced to me.

I like to be a pretty straightforward person and getting the job done, whatever I take on, is important to me, but it seems I and many others in IT live in a community of fear increasingly. Citizens afraid we read their mail because we can but chose not to, or even afraid we will expose their innermost secrets or thoughts to the entire world. People afraid that we will steal their cc numbers or mess with their identity some how. Businesses that are afraid we more than any other department can sabotage to the point of collapse. Now governments spread fear about us and say that we potentially can threaten a nations security.... it's almost worse in some ways, the associated fear, than that of guns or bombs.

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Bowling for Columbine- Fear in IT p2

by admin In reply to Bowling for Columbine- Fe ...

I don't have any answers, it just really saddens me because this field always held so much excitment about helping people and having a better future. It feels now at times a little like those scientists that pursued a magical energy source and unleashed nuclear weaponary and then lived with the fact that their knowledge now made them marked men of sorts.

Does anyone else see the fear that has crept everywhere into this industry?

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Has anyone noticed the news

by admin In reply to Bowling for Columbine- Fe ...

on computer crime the past few years? We used to be lucky to hear a snippet about Mitnick. Now everday almost it"s "Electronic Crime!" "Hackers" "Terrorist Networks" "Hidden Terrorist Codes in Innocent Files" "Hard Disks Siezed" etc.etc.etc.etc. adnauseum

Someone could probably make a lot of money real soon with a computer crime reality show...

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by tbragsda In reply to Has anyone noticed the ne ...

Great movie, read his book "Stupid White Men".

As for your question. I know that I have
always been a professional. I never comprised my integrity by doing anything to damage or deceive. This is not to say that it never looks like I do, or that I never get into situations I don't like.

Recently I was asked to compile retrieve approx. 100 email from several internal clients. This is NOT a unusual request, but something I dislike. I normally do this by collecting them, printing them to a bogus queue, and connecting the queue to a live printer on the weekend to run. This time I was in a rush, and printed them during work hours. The printer is close, and secure, but another group was actually watching the queue (very unusual) and saw all I was printing. They informed the users thinking I was prying into their business.

Point is I don't feel that I have every done anything but help people and the COs I work for to succeed, but others may see something different.

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Computer Reality Show

by generalist In reply to Has anyone noticed the ne ...

Personally I would like to see a computer reality show on how computers are used in daily life behind the scenes. Unfortunately it would take a lot of work to give it the violence and/or sex appeal necessary to catch the public's attention.

You have to admit that IT isn't a really flashy profession, despite the glitz of the dot bombs.

Perhaps we should get a group of people together to do 'high-profile' critiques of how IT and computers are portrayed in movies and news. I personally would love to see some of the less IT literate Hollywood types shown to be idiots when it comes to basic computer and information science. And if it can be done in an entertaining and educational way, so much the better.

Hmmmm. Movie critics can get away with dismissing a movie as being flawed because of plot, characterization and other aspects. Therefore we in IT should be able to do the same thing when focused on the IT side.

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Michael Moore is disingenuous and . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Bowling for Columbine- Fe ...

Michael Moore’s views (on everything) are so far removed from the realm of reality, and his presentation methods are so slanted and biased, that I wouldn’t give him or anything he says or writes a second thought. Actually, I wouldn’t even give it a first thought. I would simply dismiss it - and him - as a scare-mongering opportunist whose socialistic views are outdated, and whose attitude towards business and the American capitalistic system are, in my opinion, repressive and disingenuous. He lies, he misrepresents, he slanders, and he takes things out of context - all to promote his self-serving political agenda.

(Do you want to know what I really think about him?)

However, your discussion is about much more than just Moore. (pun intended)

As Benjamin Franklin once said, anyone who would "give up essential liberty for temporary security deserves neither liberty nor security."

I may post more opinion later.

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Moore and less

by generalist In reply to Michael Moore is disingen ...

Perhaps we should do some research on this person's excesses and, with lots of hard data from a variety of sources, present a case on why the more you see Moore, the less you should believe him.

It would be even more interesting to come up with apsuedo-documentary on how some media types attempt to influence people via lies, misrepresentation, slander and taking things out of context.

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Yes indeed

by maxwell edison In reply to Moore and less

You said, "It would be even more interesting to come up with a psuedo-documentary on how some media types attempt to influence people via lies, misrepresentation, slander and taking things out of context."

Yes indeed, that would be quite interesting. But who (which media outlet) would show and/or produce it?

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by mrafrohead In reply to Yes indeed

We could produce it on the net for the likes of people like us. Eventually it will make it to the mainstream...

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Network production

by generalist In reply to

A net based production would work out quite well, especially if there are enough people talking about it.

Of course to do it right, we would have to make sure that all our facts meet rigorous ethical, legal and news reporting standards. And we would also need to build a defense in depth to handle those who try to discredit the site by disinformation.

In effect, we would become a media outlet that would hopefully represent the ideals of the profession as opposed to the realities.

Oh, and for good measure, we would have to make sure that site is defended from crackers and other types. The dark side of IT does exist, unfortunately.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Network production

If we do seriously start it up. Yes I think that we will need to show all sides. Including the crackers and the like. Because of them a lot of security issues are found and fixed. Also, I think we could make it documentaryish. If it was done right, it could make it to a film festival type place. And imagine the exposure from there!!!

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