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boys - i need gift advice

By Shellbot ·
ok..sorry, but xams is just around the corner and well..being married to an absolute geek, i need to get him a cool gift..

so i think i've found it..

what ya think?

Projector Keyboard

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it does pass the "cool" factor test

by jdclyde In reply to boys - i need gift advice

it would be a cool toy, and a heck of a conversation piece, but tab your fingers on your desk as if it were a keyboard and imagine if you could get used to not getting the touch feedback from a keyboard.

still early and slightly hungover, so will have to look around and get back to you on this one.

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Wow what a gadget :)

by rob mekel In reply to boys - i need gift advice

Do give him the right instructions to work on this keyboard :)

The spacing between words will be ok but ... :) what the heck it's fun


is it a;ready april 1 ???

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check these sites too, Shell

by gadgetgirl In reply to boys - i need gift advice
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by Shellbot In reply to check these sites too, Sh ...

thanks GG

Some sweet stuff for sale!
I gotta check into the keyboard though, its a lot of money..gotta make sure our pc's & his laptop are Bluetooth compatible..

anyone know how i do that? :)

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one other

by jay_el_72 In reply to check these sites too, Sh ...

Here is the site I use for my friends and I all the time. It is 100% geek and great.

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by Shellbot In reply to one other

ya i found that one and ordered a few bits off it..shipped this morning, so the clock is long will it take to get form US to Dublin??

place your bets now folks...

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so you really want to hurt his fingers

by bigbigboss In reply to boys - i need gift advice

Try drumming your fingers on a hard surface for 10 min. and see how you like it. I won't, unless I am using it with a PDA for, may be, 5 minutes.

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by Shellbot In reply to so you really want to hur ...

i see the point.. ok..its got wow factor..but..

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But, there may be a way around that problem.

by deepsand In reply to ya..

The illusion of a holographic device definitely speaks of SF; hence the "wow" factor.

If it does'nt have a problem resolving the touch points in 3 dimensions within a relatively restricted range, projecting onto a cushioned surface of the proper elasticity might just do the trick; just enough to bounce the fingers a bit so as to return enough kinetic energy to the fingers to aid in their retreat from the surface, thereby reducing fatigue.

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There is another way around that problem

by Ricnardimus In reply to But, there may be a way a ...

Give him whatever keyboard *feels* the best, and get him something like this for xmas:

Pretty sure it'll be the best gift he gets! :)

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