Bpl or Sql

By billharvs ·
Hi forgive my complete ignorance in this area but I work in a company that uses a database accessed via a restricted web interface. The database is written using Sql? We have been advised that for future proofing we need to upgrade it and someone is trying to push for a switch to Bpl. I need to swat up to advise on whether we stick to Sql or it's new version or go with our advice which I think is flawed. We need to ensure whatever we use is widely supported and that obtaining technical support will not be a problem I.e. A large number of trained programmers in th uk south.

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Never heard of Bpl

by deity_chooch In reply to Bpl or Sql

Not only have I not heard of Bpl before, but I can't find anything on the Internet that would lead me to believe it is a database program. Most database servers use SQL (the language) in various implementations: MySQL, MSSQL, PostreSQL, Oracle, etc. I personally use MySQL because it quite easily interfaces with PHP (a web programming language), but your choice will differ depending on your use of the database. PostgreSQL and MySQL are, from my experience, the most common free databases used. MSSQL is Microsoft's implementation of the SQL language, which you may want to run if the server is a Windows machine.

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Database Languages

by billharvs In reply to Never heard of Bpl

Hi, thanks for your reply, I have asked a colleague to get me some technical info after which I will ask a more informed question.

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BPL is Broadband over Power Lines

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Bpl or Sql

So some mis-communication going on somewhere....

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