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Bragging Rights, Who has the Best IT Job ever and why?

By sum_jazz ·
I want to know who has the best IT job, and what makes it so great. There are a few golden IT jobs still out there that some would give their first born RedHat server for. Tell me about them.

Include those special perks that noone else gets..

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Easiest Job Ever

by SlappyMcnasty In reply to Bragging Rights, Who has ...

I worked for an ad agency that was trying to exploit the dot com boom. The pay was very good, had very little to actually do and we could drink beer at work. My typical day was show up around 9:30, go to lunch at 11:00ish for a couple hours, grab a beer, start playing quake about 3:30. I worked with a great group of guys.
Ended up leaving for two reasons. I knew they couldn't maintain the business since they were not landing enough work and I was getting dumber since I wasn't actually doing anything most days. That said, it was definitely the most fun I ever had in a gig.

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Wow, and I thought the public sector was bad....

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Easiest Job Ever

with people simply showing up to sit on their butts all day long, watch the clock, and collect a paycheck. Work should not be welfare and if you are being paid to do something, you should be doing it instead of sitting around like a stump on a log and watching your own time being wasted away. I cannot take a job if all I will be doing is sitting all day long and finding ways to make time go by faster. Sure, you'll still get paid, but how is that supposed to be good for one's career?

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WOW I guess there are not a lot of them

by sum_jazz In reply to Bragging Rights, Who has ...

I was hoping for more feedback. I know usually state IT jobs are the equivelent of hitting the lotto. Also I have personaly seen that non-profets like most hospitals are great. I currently work at neither; so please let me know.

I am not ready to give up the post yet!

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Consider this

by NickNielsen In reply to WOW I guess there are not ...

Those of us who have hit the "Golden Job" may be keeping quiet about it so as not to lose it to somebody else.

To me, the best job is one I enjoy that pays a living wage and allows me to grow personally and professionally.

Anything else is just work.

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I like being an independent contractor as it offers me freedom

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Consider this

and no commitments to any one company or client. I've been a corporate slave far too long and have pimped myself out for long work hours and crappy pay. Being an independent contractor allows me to charge higher rates for my work and allows me the freedom to work on multiple projects at multiple sites without any commitment or requirement to deal with corporate politics or rediculous work ethics. You want to call me at 3:00am to fix a crashed server? Sure I'll fix it, but it will cost you $250/hr. What, you can't pay that rate? Sorry, but my time and knowledge is valuable, so don't expect me to work for peanuts or for free. I've been giving freebies far too long as an overworked and underpaid employee and those days are long gone. I am a professional and my skill and time are billable by the hour.

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Greatest job

by Salmanassar In reply to I like being an independe ...

Best job is where you do what you would do in your spare time and get paid.

Me I am paid to install all sorts of software and see if it works, how it works and what can be done with it in our company.
Pay is not great but hey, if I was unemployed, this is what I'd be doing for fun.
Add recognition to that and what do you need more in life? OK, better wages ;-)

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Pacific Paradise

by collinspm In reply to Greatest job

Not sure if this is the best IT job ever, but certainly is on this Forum so far.

I am the IT Manager for the government of a small island in the South Pacific with a resident population of only 1500. Across the road from my office I can go snorkeling at lunch time AND the public service operates on a 4-day week. Internet is free with one of the only nations to be fully serviced by wifi.

My contract finishes soon so the position will be up for grabs ....

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by sum_jazz In reply to Pacific Paradise

WOW I can't even imagine...

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and you are actually leaving this job?

by jdkehoe In reply to Pacific Paradise

Do they pay you in shells or something? You need to get back home to take care of ailing parents. Why, oh why?

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Been there Done that

by unhappyuser In reply to I like being an independe ...

What about health care, retirement, vacations, family, etc?

It was great setting my hours and choosing what work to do but worrying about medical (and cellege costs) for the kids, getting paged during vacation and saving enough for retirement was just too much.

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