Brain Teaser !!! ]:)

By ThumbsUp2 ·
I?m tired of reading all of the password/hacking requests (and bored), so I thought I?d throw a little brain teaser at you, just to see if anyone is awake. I?ll try to keep it simple, but THIS IS A QUIZ!!!!!!

Windows XP Pro ? SP2 fully patched
Dual monitor set up, left and right

Work Environment:
In this particular dual monitor setup, the left monitor is #1 and the right is #2. You have #2 application moved over and displayed on the right monitor (maximized) and #1 application being displayed on the left (maximized). Everything works fine and you use it on a daily basis this way. Every time you start these applications, they display exactly where you left them (i.e.: #1 app displays on #1 monitor and #2 app displays on #2 monitor).

The BOSS notifies you on Monday morning after you?ve started working for the day that he?s sending you and your computer to HQ to work from there for a few days. They want the computer to go too because they want to install some specialty software on it while you?re there. You?re told to leave the monitors where they are. After all, HQ has an extra monitor to use when you get there. So, you shut down, unplug everything and take just the PC with you, load up and get on the road.

When you arrive at HQ and get everything plugged in using just ONE monitor, you boot up and begin to go to work. However, you discover now that you can?t SEE the application that used to open up on the 2nd monitor (right) because you forgot to move it back to the left monitor before you shut down and hit the road. The application starts because you can see it in your taskbar and task manager. You just can?t see the application window. It?s being displayed on a non-existent monitor (i.e.: the computer thinks the monitor SHOULD still be there).

We know we can fix the problem by shutting down, plugging in a 2nd monitor temporarily while at HQ, move the application window to the left screen, shut down again and unplug the 2nd monitor. There is another way to resolve the situation without having to do all of this shutting down and borrowing another monitor.

What is the quick and easy solution?

]:) ]:) ]:) ]:)

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by Travler92 In reply to Brain Teaser !!! ;) ]:)

Right click on the desktop, select graphics options / Output to - monitor

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Very close....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hmmmm

However, none of the 3 computers that I just checked have "graphics options" on the right click. It must be a feature unique to your setup. Can you be more specific? Perhaps a solution that works for all dual monitor setups?

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No cigar!

by simphiwe.mngadi In reply to Hmmmm

Two monitors must be connected before you can use that feature.

This should do the trick: on the display properties, under settings for monitor #1 tick "Use this device as the primary monitor" and OK.

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Doesn't work....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to No cigar!

Left monitor is already set as default (primary) when two monitors are plugged in. When 2nd monitor is disconnected, the port on the card is still active and port that left monitor was plugged into is still default, but application still opens as if 2nd monitor was still connected.

Read on.. you're close.

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Too simple

by mjd420nova In reply to Brain Teaser !!! ;) ]:)

From the task bar, right click and CLOSE.

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Doesn't solve the problem

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Too simple

Closing the application isn't the problem. When they restart it, it's hidden again.

Try again.

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by Churdoo In reply to Brain Teaser !!! ;) ]:)

Make the app active / Alt-spacebar / R / Alt-spacebar / M / then Left or right arrow till you can see part of the app, depending on whether the other monitor was on the left or right / Enter. When the app is in partial view, you can grab the title bar with the mouse and move it where you want it.

What do I win? ACME password hacking kit?

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Dang, you beat me to it

by The Scummy One In reply to Keyboard

but I didnt get the Alt-spacebar / R part.

Does that make a Window active? I use alt-tab myself.

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by Churdoo In reply to Dang, you beat me to it

The R is to Restore to windowed mode cuz if the App is either minimized or maximized, the Move will not do anything. If the app is already in windowed mode, the R does nothing.

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Doesn't work.... EDIT oooops, yes it does

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Keyboard

Sorry, I didn't see the /R part when I posted that it didn't work.

Yeah, that works once you get the window un-maximized. I'll come back in a while and give thumbs! :)

But, there is another way. Do you know it?

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