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    branding company taking IT decisions


    by d_wathi ·

    We are into real estate company recently we have gone for branding, the branding agency are working with us, I works IT Head and myslef linux administraror maintaining server virualization vmware , storage , MPLS network , IP-PBX linux based VOIP. mpls each spoke with linux box for dns slave and many more around 8 linux server configured and mainteined and also zimbr amail server. Now all of a sudden branding company comes in and says they want the present web service provider to be terminated and present SEO serive to be terminated and we have to sign a contract with their reference service provider.
    We still agree to change the web and SEO service provider but iam not comfortable with the service provider they are reffering for as they are technically not up to the mark.

    My doubt can Branding companies involve in our decisions in selecting the vendor for web service and SEO, do we have to listen for branding company for the IT decisions . we would have accepted if they had refered good service provider. Please suugest can branding company involve in IT decisons in chossing the vendor.
    Please suggest me in this

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      by d_wathi ·

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      Who is in charge?

      by robo_dev ·

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      Who makes the decision? Don’t tell us about it, tell him (or her).

      It is a huge risk to put your web presence into the hands of a third party company, especially if there are concerns going into the deal.

      If you have concerns immediately, they probably you don’t even know the really bad stuff.

      You need to clearly document your concerns and make sure the real risks are identified and explained.

      It’s one thing to say that the branding company ‘is no good’ but you need to show what could happen (e.g. All your computers hacked, all your databases leaked to a competitor, all your critical systems going offline).

      That is the argument you must make to the decision makers. It’s called IT Governance.

      There are two difficult parts to IT Governance:

      1) IT people are really terrible at saying ‘NO’

      2) IT people don’t speak the same language as business management and often don’t understand what the business really wants.

      I used to joke that finger puppets can be a good tool for explaining IT to business management and that no, the firewall does not actually get hot 🙂

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      I agree with robo-dev, but you also need to have your management check

      by deadly ernest ·

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      exactly what rights the branding n mob IT have under the contract your company has with them. It may be the contract says they can do this, or it may be the contract doesn’t give the right to do it. Most branding contracts cover things like advertising, quality of service, and suppliers of materials for retails provision to clients, but usually don’t cover suppliers of materials used in-house. I’d be surprised if they have the legal right to do this at all, but check the contract agreement.

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