break a administrator password command

By anil_anil57175 ·
how can i break a administrator password

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First off, you usually need to ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to break a administrator pas ...

Come up with a decent (better) post.

Idle curiosity is insufficient reason for us to help you.

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The password is stored electromagnetically

by jdclyde In reply to break a administrator pas ...

So if you place a SMALL magnet next to the hard drive (you need to open the case to do this) it will reset the password.

Make sure you put it by the back right corner, as that is where passwords are stored.

Post back if you need any further assistance.

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Quite easily but you'll need some help to do this correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to break a administrator pas ...

You need to take the computer with the Password on it to a site where it is possible to Drive a D10 or Bigger Bulldozer over it. If you are holding the Computer as a track of the bulldozer pases over it you can watch the Password leak out of the case and disappear into the ground. Because there will be no power applied at this time the Password will have no Luminance so you will need to be very close it it to actually correctly identify it and be able to enter it again afterward.

This method is Guaranteed to not only break a Password but completely Smash it and it is 100% effective in removing Passwords for computers and Operating Systems. Anyone who uses this method of Password Smashing is so satisfied with the results that no one has ever been know to complain that it has failed to destroy the password.

You do however need a very good friend to drive the Bulldozer or it is possible that some unscrupulous person will steal your ability to access this system. This is where it is necessary to have the Help of a very good friend. If you don't you may find others have unlimited access to this computer. Just remember not to tell others about this Fool Proof Method of Smashing Passwords. After all we don't want everyone to know how to do this do we?


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