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Break up a lrge File

By aatif786 ·
I am facing a problem to deal with 4.5 GB file. I didn't find any software through which I can Archive the file. Can any one tell me about any software or utility to break a 4.5 GB File. or Zip utility through which I can Archive the file.

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Break up?

by Bill_W In reply to Break up a lrge File

I am curious here as to what you mean by "deal with" and "archive" and "break" this file. Does Winzip fail when you try and zip it up? If so, what error messages?

Do you have a large-capacity DAT or a DLT tape unit? If so, how does that handle the file?

Is the file valid? That is, is it a real file, containing real data? Or is it just another of those odd "files" one sees when the OS is mis-representing the FAT?

Anyone else with other ideas and questions?


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Norton Ghost Spanning Image File

by Admin-Stuart In reply to Break up a lrge File

I also don't know what you're really trying to accomplish from the wording of your post, but if you are thinking of creating an image file for quick archiving and restore as an alternative to tape, look into Norton Ghost 2001. I believe it will allow you to span numerous CD's with a single image file, so you'd be looking at, what, 6-8 CDs to archive this file?

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