Breaking a RAID 0 safely

By settle.g ·
I have a friend with an Asus mobo, 2 1T drives configured with BIOS RAID 0. The system reports a problem with the target drive. Is there a way to break the RAID without losing data? The mobo manual states that data will be lost if the set is broken.

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Back it up first!

by markp24 In reply to Breaking a RAID 0 safely


before doing anything, back it up (or image it) (pesonally i think it worth spending the $90 on an external 2 gb drive to back that up, then i would break the Raid 0 and rebuilts the system after (if you choose to image it, you can most likly restore the image to one of the 1 tb (if the amoubnt of data on the raid 0 is less than 1 tb)

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