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Breaking into the field

By cleven ·
This has probably been asked a million times " How do I go about landing a job in IT" I am currently working on my BSIT degree with a year to go,34 years old, pretty strong on pc troubleshooting,know some networking, working knowledge of databases,web programming,etc,etc. Any info on where to start would be greatly appreciated.

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Breaking into the field

by BFilmFan In reply to Breaking into the field

First, get your A+ certification BEFORE you leave school.

Then, check to see if there are internships available with local employers.

Prepare to start on a help desk and work your way up.

Be ready to spend numerous hours studying, numerous dollars certifying in vendor-marketing-oriented certifications (the MCSE, CCNA and it's like) and then be prepared to scrifice your personal time, weekends, holidays to perhaps one day (usually within 20 years) to reach a salary of $80-100,000 US, provided you choose to become an independent consultant.

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Millionth answer

by jdmercha In reply to Breaking into the field

Yes this has been asked a million times. I always answer with two things.

1. Check with your schools placement office.
2. If you're willing to relocate you will have more options.

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Search contract jobs to build your resume.

by Prolifiq In reply to Breaking into the field

One good way to break into the field is to look for contract jobs for PC deployments, wiring installations, etc. It can be very difficult to break in via database administration or web programming, because even the entry-level jobs often require fairly extensive (4-5 years) job-related experience. So if you see a job opening for assisting with a Windows XP rollout, jump on it.

These aren't glamorous jobs, but they will get your foot in the door and allow you to rack up on experience, get references, and make important contacts.

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From the sound of it you've already got skills

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Breaking into the field

and at 34, you should have been round the block once or twice. What did you used to do, they'll have some IT somewhere, see if you can use your knowledge of their business to get a foot in the door, out of hours, weekends whatever. See if there's any work you can do charity, community/voluntary setups. The trick is to get some experience in IT stuff onto your cv. The mere fact that you've gone out off you're own bat and done it will score big with future employers, even if it's largely irrelevant to their specific needs.
You've made a good start asking, now you've got to follow through.
Opportunities come to the 'lerts who grab them from the laps they were about to drop into.

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Going about it backwards.

by cleven In reply to From the sound of it you' ...

I am completely doing a career change. I spent 3 years goofing off after high school. I then spent seven years in the Navy doing Aviation Ordnance. I left the service and did a year of Hazardous Material Operations. I am currently employed at Lockheed Martin in their Information and Technology division working on radars and electronic systems. Computers have been a sort of past time for me and now I would like to make a career out it. The degree gives some respect, but I know there is more to it than that. You folks have slug it out in the trenches and I thank you for the insights that you have given me.

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RE: Breaking into the field

by setc_pmd In reply to Breaking into the field

I highly a book by Matthew Moran.

"The IT Career Builder's Toolkit: The Complete Guide To Building Your Technology Career In Any Economy"

Here's a sample chapter, "The Entry-Level Dilema"

Good luck and I hope that helps,

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