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By LordInfidel ·
Major power outages reported in New York City, other parts of Northeast, Cleveland, Detroit and other cities. Details soon.

I was on the phone with out NY office when it happened.

Anyone have any news?

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Short brownout

by TheChas In reply to BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

I just experienced a short brownout with some funny power fluctuations in Western Michigan.


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by LordInfidel In reply to BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

Initial reports are saying it is a fire in the power station in nyc???

No one is confirming anything yet.

Looking at the live pictures off of the satelite of gridlock in lower manhattan.

That is all they are showing.

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Scrambing in Chicago

by Joseph Moore In reply to On CNN

Yep, our NY and Toronto offices were also hit. People are scrambling around here in Chicago, reassuring people that our UPS is working and our DR site is up and fine in case Chicago gets hit.

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Glad to be on the West Caost

by Oz_Media In reply to Scrambing in Chicago

For today anyhow. (knock on the keyboard)

Hope all gets straightened out for you guys, running MS servers must keep you busy enough without the added pains.

I feel guilty now for playing golf all morning, just kidding, I feel great! OUCH !

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Not for good admins

by LordInfidel In reply to Glad to be on the West Ca ...

I almost feel left out. I never get to feel the pain of viruses and worms.

The biggest thing we contend with here is spyware getting installed. Typically though as soon as it get's installed and tries to phone home, we know about it.

All of this worm crap though goes on my theory that if admins set up their networks correctly, they would never have to worry about this stuff. Even if they are not patched.

Think about it, by simply following the de facto firewall standard of blocking the infamous MS ports at your perimter. You would never be vulnerable to the attack. You could have a totally unpatched system behind it and it will still not get exploited by this thing.

People just don't get it. Especially since this patch has been out for a month. And widely discussed on the security focus lists- pre lovesan.

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Novell happiness

by Oz_Media In reply to Not for good admins

I am lucky enough to have two clients that BOTH have Netware servers and GroupWise mail.

I do see your point though, people seem to resolve the sytmptoms but rarely prevent the virus from hitting in the first place. A little more attention and preperation would help so many Net Admins.

As a mechanic, I see this in that field too, preventative medicine may take time or money but it saves a lot of headaches.

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Then our ISP has SPOF......

by Joseph Moore In reply to Scrambing in Chicago

Single Point of Failure....

Yep, turns out our extranet ISP has a SPOF located somewhere in NYC, and it just went down. Now none of our offices can talk together via our Extranet connection.

TTL Expires In Transit

Sigh... this is my life......

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This might be the occasion to discuss DR

by road-dog In reply to Then our ISP has SPOF.... ...

With a large power outage (both geographically and duration), most disaster recovery and failover plans go out the window.

Even if one had emergency power for server and network assets (battery and generator), what good is it if the facility power is down and the phones are out at the Telco?

Hopefully, all the CIOs have stated in their DR plans that these global outages fall outside the scope of their control and planning.

I once had a manager tell me that he wanted a UPS on every computer so power loss would not impact business. I told him that a vendor would be happy to sell him as many UPS's as he wanted, so his personnel could use their monitor as a night light....

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This is a good time to talk about it

by LordInfidel In reply to This might be the occasio ...

DR usually does not get address'd enough or even seriously at the mid-level company.

Most ISP's have their faciltities are on mulitple power grids and have backup generators. And most larger corporations have in-depth plans.

The reports I am getting from InterNap regarding their NY facilities. Was that they are running on diesel and have arranged for refueling for this afternoon.

I know my local facility (corporate) has a propane gas generator that will kick in and power the entire building. We have enough gas to continue operations for several days. And we make sure that our colo facilities can do the same.

But the shared office building that houses our NY office does not have a backup generator. And they are out of commission. Luckily they are just a sales office and not a mission critical part of daily operations.

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How does your organization define mission critical?

by road-dog In reply to This is a good time to ta ...

This is a fundamental question as a regional office supporting customers in that area would still be ineffective if the clients are out of commission due to a wide area power outage.

This goes to "how good is good enough?" as relates to capital expenditures on purchase and maintenance of infrastructure.

I would draw the line (tentatively) at costs of downtime of 48 hours for the office. If the cost of providing emergency power exceeds the lost revenued from a "worst case" power outage, then it doesn't make business sense to implement. If a regional power outage exceeds 48 hours, then all businesses in that area are severely compromised, and your business' vendors and customers have problems as well.

This applies only to regional offices, HQ supports (presumably) offices outside the affected area, even as relates to an outage the size of the one we just experienced. A HQ in the big apple would also need to maintain connectivity to the south and west, at least until the backup DR site comes online.

How does one measure customer relations impact with a global outage? Do customers "understand" loss of service when a huge impact happens that is out of EVERYONE'S control? Does your company's typical contract include language protecting itself from missed deadlines due to "acts of God"?

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