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Breaking out of a mold

By Jinn ·
Even after recently becoming effectively the IT manager of our company, I can still see that I'm refered to as "the guy who fixes the computers", by just about everyone that counts. I've been trying very hard to break out of this perception that our directors and bosses have on me. They still see me as the same guy who was desperate for a job years ago.

I've given them details of what my daily, weekly and monthly tasks include. Server and backup management, internet and network monitoring, etc. They seem to think that any IT technician off the street can do what I do.

So... is it possible to break out of this mold? I tend to think not, unless I leave and let them find out the hard way. Not that that helps me in anyway, but hey if I can't change their perception then I'm not prepared to work for them.

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Training and Sudying

by Brooks Fancher In reply to Breaking out of a mold

Let them know just how much training and studying it takes to be able to keep up in our field.

Also, you might want to point out to them that you now know the system inside and out and that the learning curve to come in on an established system is steep. You already know the little idiosyncrasies of this network.

Also, polish that resume up, because some upper management is going to be bone headed when it comes to IT. I have found that generally the management from 50-retirement age tend to be this way. The oldest segment of our population and the younger segments appear to have embraced technology better than this segment.

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