Bridging 2 Nic's

By Michiel1981 ·
Our servers have 2 NIC's and today i made a bridge between them and they are both connected to the network and setup and working.
Does this also balance network traffic between the 2 NIC's or only if 1 fails the server keeps connected using the other NIC?

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by ---TK--- In reply to Bridging 2 Nic's

On what kind of server you have, and the NIC's... I think you should research on "NIC teaming". Teaming the NIC's will provide load balancing or fault tolerance, which ever one suits you needs best... Bridging the NIC's (from what I know) will not provide what your looking to do...

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NIC Teaming

by pnoykalbo In reply to Bridging 2 Nic's

Before setting up the NIC teaming, you should research on what will be the best for your server. Connecting them to different VLAN? Connecting them to different switches? What type of teaming? Round-robin? Adaptive? Active Backup? etc? All teaming are for redundancy, but some modes doesn't balance, which is called stand-by or called active-backup, enables other nic if other fails.

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