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I can succesfully bridge my built-in LAN(Ethernet port) and built-in wireless in my HP PAvillion laptop, it then receive an IP address from my D-link wireless router(DHCP server inside). I want this to happen in my desktop. My desktop has built-in LAN(ethernet POrt) and external USB wireless adapter(D-Link). I tried bridging it the same way I did with my laptop(above) but it won't show an IP address instead it will show momentarily then goes to APIPA 169.---.---.---
Can anyone help me with this matter, I just want to achieve it through my desktop the same situation as with my laptop. Thanks!

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Maybe be that the brdge is too big...

Disadvantages of network bridges

* Does not limit the scope of broadcasts
* Does not scale to extremely large networks
* Buffering introduces store and forward delays - on average traffic destined for bridge will be related to the number of stations on the rest of the LAN
* Bridging of different MAC protocols introduces errors
* Because bridges do more than repeaters by viewing MAC addresses, the extra processing makes them slower than repeaters
* Bridges are more expensive than repeaters

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