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bright spot on lcd screen

By kisamesama ·
hi, today i noticed a bright spot on my lcd screen of my laptop (hp dv4 asian model (core i5 model))... .. i think it was not present before... i have bought this laptop like 5-6 months ago and i rarely use it... here are some photos of the bright spot found at the bottom left of the screen... is it a dead pixel or stuck pixel? can this be removes easily or will it disappear with time?

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Looks Like a Stuck Pixel

by TheChas In reply to bright spot on lcd screen

Just a note, you will get more attention for technical issues if you post them in Q&A rather than discussions.

Still, the images do look like a stuck pixel.

Most warranties for LCD screens have exclusion clauses for stuck pixels. Unless there are a lot of bad pixels near each other, or an even higher total number of bad pixels, the LCD will not be replaced.

Depending on the backlight design, bad pixels can look a lot worse at the bottom of the screen because they are closer to the lamp.


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thx for reply

by kisamesama In reply to Looks Like a Stuck Pixel

thx for the reply.. how can i move the thread to Q&A section?

can stuck be removed? or does it disappear with time.. will monitor it for one week.. if it does not go, will contact service centre.. it is still under warranty.

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