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Bright topic for a thesis paper.

By tor10rox ·
I am currently writing my paper as part of the requirements for the completion of my degree. However, two of the topics I have submitted to my school thesis panel were denied.

I am interested is data management.

Any ideas or suggestion is highly appreciated..

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Two possible approaches

by Tig2 In reply to Bright topic for a thesis ...

Storage virtualisation- Virtual storage and its impact on business in terms of speed increase to applications, infrastructure, value to business.

Data Management from the perspective of facilitating business intelligence/knowledge management. Side topic would be increased ability to provide documents on demand in the event of litigation (New law in the US beginning 1 Dec 06.)

Hope this is helpful!

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by tor10rox In reply to Two possible approaches

I'll research on this..Thanks again for the suggestions.

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Or what would it take to . . .

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Bright topic for a thesis ...

... produce/develop a consumer-centric (i.e. Joe Public) service for storage and retrieval that approaches 100% protection and longevity?

Particularly in a modern context where (I understand) the advent of digital cameras has increased the amount of photos being taken by upwards of 20 times.

Is it financially viable to actually provide the consumer with FREE equipment (for example scanners for documents such as wills etc., and maybe even media-less PC's) in the longer-term context of the value of the contract?

(Yup, you guessed it - I just lost the drive with all the photos on it! (And I WAS going to do the backup, just tomorrow)).

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This works for me

by Tig2 In reply to Or what would it take to ...

I have a removable drive that I store all photos on. When I have enough to put on a CD, I do so and clear them off my removable media.

Sorry to hear of the loss. Unless you have made copies or emailed copies, you can never get that moment in time back.

Another thought is to use Picasa or another Internet storage provider. I have the photo album from last years 3 Day walk there. Even if I have a total crash, I at least don't lose everything.

Interesting idea re: consumer driven off site storage though!

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