Brightness Display Stuck on Monitor

By tatara23 ·
Where to begin...The brightness display is, well, stuck on my screen. It came on by itself and immediately took the brightness level from 100 to 0 on it's own and now the display will not leave my screen. The buttons on my monitor will not work, including the power button. I was advided that the buttons were more than likely stuck, but I took the frame off the monitor to check the buttons and that didn't seem to work.
Ok, ironically enough, it just disappeared for about 2 seconds while I was writing some of this post. I pushed the Menu button just now and it took it off. But then it came back. Now it is just flashing back and forth on it's own. I'm confused!?!?! Someone please help me! I have to move my browsers around to read things! Thank you so so much!

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When they say a Stuck Button

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Brightness Display Stuck ...

That doesn't necessarily mean that the plastic button that you push is stuck but that the spring of whatever type is used is no longer pulling the contacts apart and one or more switches stay permanently closed and run the item that they are controlling all the way to the Stop.

If these are Micro Switches you can replace them easily but if you have a Silicon Pad that acts as a spring to separate the contacts you'll need to replace the entire Switch block if it's separate to the rest of the monitor.

Generally speaking it's cheaper to replace the monitor and a lot less trouble as well.


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Thanks Col

by tatara23 In reply to When they say a Stuck But ...

I appreciate your time and advice


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