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Bringing up the DC

By k4k ·
on my network i have 2 win2k DC. DC1 & DC2. DC1 is acting main DC which has all the five roles ( GC, DNS, RID,PDC, INfrastructure master) DC2 is just a backup DC not having any domain Specific roles. now my DC1 has crashed we are using DC2. clients login using WIN2k PRo & Win 95 & Win98 . we are not able to do any changes on Domain. since the DC1 has crashed now how do i bring back my main DC (i.e DC1). none of the roles have been transfered to DC2. DC1 is formatted now. please give step-by-step guidlines on bringing up the DC1 succesfully.

2) After bringing up the DC1 will the AD Data get replicated from the backup DC2

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by ewgny In reply to Bringing up the DC

You should seize the Operation Master Roles on DC2
Even though DC1 is not available, you don't need it to sieze the roles. In fact seizing the FSMO should only be done in the event of a DC failure such as your case.
DC2 has a full copy of AD, therefore seizing the Roles will auhorize it to hold all of the operation Master Roles

You CANT bring DC1 back online afterwards (from a backup)
Make a new DC1 and dcpromo it, and AD will replicate to it.

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by timwalsh In reply to Bringing up the DC

Unless DC2 seizes the FSMO roles, DC1 will be unable to join the Domain. If you just try to recreate the domain on DC1, it will essentially be a different domain. Without the FSMO roles being assigned to an active DC, AD is only partially functioning.

The correct process will be:
1. Seize all FSMO roles to DC2.
2. Rejoin DC1 to the Domain and run DCPROMO to create the DC.
3. Once AD info has replicated to the recreated DC1, transfer the FSMO roles back to DC1 gracefully.

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