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Ok, this is kind of broad, sorry but, i have so many questions concerning linux and a server im tryin gto set up. Lets see where to start. Ill post other question sin a sperate thread to keep things less cluttered.
I am attempting to set up a server for the first time and i have herd from many sources, Linux is the way to go in terms of server OS's. I was recommended Ubuntu. I have been using Linux (Fedora Core) for a couple years, and have only managed to become familair with the gnome and kde interfaces, and i know a tiny bit of UNIX.

My server is slow, 400mhz, 512mb of RAM, 30GB/ 80GB HDD, and a Geforce 4 64mb VPU.

My goal is to set up game servers, i figure ill start with demo's. Although in my knwoldge im pretty sure a decent internet connection is required for a decen tping for a game on DSL I have little money along with my mother, so im trying to do this as low cost as possible.

My network is currently running very awkward-like. I have my modem to my gaming computer, from my gaming computer to a HUb, and out to other computers. this requires my computer to be constantly running which isnt really a porblem, i like leavin git on anyway.

With all that information provided, here is my question(s):

Should my Server computer be the center for the house netowkr?

Should i be using windows instead of linux?

What is a good type of server to have running with my current config? (I dont care what server, this is to learn from, it doesn tmatter if its a database, an FTP, a HTTP, whatever)

Should i just use my gaming computer as the server instead? But wont that use up my precious resources and slow down gaming performance?

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If you wish to use Ubuntu it should be the 5.1 Breezy Badger

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Broad Linux/Server Questi ...

Available from here

and for your setup you'll need the X86 version not any of the others.

This Nix Box should be the interface between your LAN and the outside world and be protecting you from the nasties on the Net.

As far as using Windows or some form of Linux or BSD that's your choice depending on what you want to do though I personally find the 1 Disc Installation of Linux to be all Light Weight Distributions which lack a lot of the nice things that are available on a proper Nix Distro. Though when you learn Ubuntu it will be an easy switch to Debian as Ubuntu is based on Debian and there will be no massive changes involved like a move from Fedora would entail.

The Ubuntu Breezy Badger is as good as any for that hardware and is an easy install without the big Footprint and high overheads of any form of Windows Server Product that has been available and you'll not have to worry about CAL or any other licensing issues that come with MS Server Applications.

Currently your gaming computer isn't being used as a server unless there is something that it's doing that you haven't mentioned, it currently running as a Residential Gateway which is different to a server application. Though if you are heavily using the DSL connection it should have very little effect on the actual FPS on games unless you have some packet scanning software running.

I hope that answers your questions.


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If you want to learn Linux then ...

by stress junkie In reply to Broad Linux/Server Questi ...

... the Linux machine should not play a critical role in your network. That is because when you are learning Linux you will probably run into situations when the Linux machine iis just plain broken. You will have to reinstall Linux many times in the first year. You don't want to have to reinstall Linux to do something else, like play games.

As far as what kinds of server services to implement you will find that all of the different services are still being used in business. You can implement one at a time. The easiest would be FTP. Next easiest would probably be HTTP. Then NFS and Samba. It's always a good idea to learn how to implement a network time service server (NTP). The most difficult type of server service to implement is a mail server.

I highly recommend that your first Linux distribution should be PCLinuxOS. It is very easy to install. It has a lot of useful applications already installed. It uses the Debian package manager. The PCLinuxOS people keep up with software patches, which are very easy to install.

You can get PCLinuxOS from Get the Big Daddy version. It's great! :)

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When setting up

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to If you want to learn Linu ...

I would be implementing Samba on the initial Install so that that box can communicate with the Windows computers. You shouldn't have any problems if you install it with the original install as it should configure up without a problem.


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Unix server

by techdept In reply to Broad Linux/Server Questi ...

Very good questions
Let me start off by telling you what I have at home .
modem to internet -> FC5 server -> Linksys hub -> PC's

FC5 server running
-- have 2 nic's installed
1. samba - setup for file sharing and as a WINs server (netbios naming)
2. DHCP server auto assigning IP's to PC's
and other info (ip,netmask,gateway,wins,dns..)
3. Firewall w/ nat
4. ssh (for secure access to server from client PC's)
now when friends come over to game
they plug into network jacks or go wireless
all network info obtained thru dhcp from server
use xp machine for game server not to many games run on linux/unix
some advantages of this are:
can share files easily do to wins example-
on windows pc
go start -> run -> \\pc-name\shared-drive
and explorer shows you the shared drive

get to learn unix,web server,SQL server.
can access server from work and run remote commands on server (have bittorrent and few other programs running).
and many other things.

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