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Well! atlast I have installed broadband in my house in enjoying fast internet. Now what I am planning is to share from single broad band line into 2 computers. Now thats the place where I am having problem.
I want any computer to start working as soon as I start them, I want both of them to work simultaneously, and I dont want server/client architecture. I am supplied with cable modem which has 2 connection from which i can use 1 at a time usb or through ethernet.
Now I have installed a switch to divide the connection.
Another problem is that I am given automatic ip address as soon as any connection gets up.
I have tried inserting static ip in other pc with the same class but it doesnt work.
Now is there any way I can use 2 pcs. with above conditions?
Please let me know.

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by TheChas In reply to BroadBand

For sharing a broadband Internet connection directly from a cable modem, you need a router not a switch.

Most cable / DSL routers have a 4 port switch built in.

Linksys, Netgear, and D-Link all make both wired and wireless cable routers.

I recommend that you get one that has a built in hardware (NAT) firewall.

It is also a VERY good idea to install a software firewall on each PC that will be connecting to the Internet.


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by In reply to BroadBand


What you need is an inexpensive device called a "Broadband Router". Your cable modem connects by ethernet CAT-5 cable to the Broadband Router. The router provides multiple ethernet ports for your PCs to connect to. The PCs can access the Internet and each other on your LAN. The PCs do not depend on each other in any way. A Broadband Router will also provide some other important services that you also need:

- Stealth firewall. Your two PCs will not be visible on the Internet. They are right now (unless your cable company runs such a firewall as mine does).

- DHCP and DNS servers.

My offices uses the Linksys WRT54G broadband wired+wireless router. It works very well.

Linksys WRT54G Broadband Router

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by dryflies In reply to BroadBand

one more thing to look at is the cable company often uses the MAC address of your PC to map the ip address to it. wrong MAC, no ip address. a linksys router will spoof it's MAC address to allow it to obtain an IP. then it in turn serves DHCP to the computers on the network. So, if you connect the router and it cannot get an IP, take the MAC address from the PC that works and have the router spoof it.

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