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By pugnachus ·
I guess this is 2 questions in one....both about Microsoft Broadband networking and Windows XP: I have one Win XP Home and one Win XP Pro system. The XP Pro is new. I disabled my Norton System Works and Norton Internet Security Pro to install the adapter on the new PC. (was previously attached to my old 2nd computer with Win 98)the PC's do not recognize each other although I have internet on both after set up. The techs at Microsoft Broadband Networking are telling me that the network will not work with the security programs on them. I have the network mapped so I can share files even without the network.
The XP Home Network Utility shows the network up and working between the PC, Base Station(SSID) and Internet, but does not see any other devices. THe XP Pro sees the adapter(PC), Base Station(SSID)and internet, but on the right hand side under Network Devices it shows what looks like a modem rather than the small computer/computer name that it should show. It took me awhile to get the program configured, but they were both up and working correctly before I did the recommended update. Then it went back to this problem. The Microsoft tecks are telling me that because of the Norton System Works and Norton Internet Security the two systems will not talk to each other. I refuse to work on the internet without the security and I need to know if this is true fact or if these people are just reading their instructions out of a book and don't know what they are talking about.

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by CG IT In reply to Broadband Network and Fir ...

well the Microsoft techs are correct in that Norton Internet Security will, by default, block all traffic ports not specifically authorized. You can have both machines on a LAN either via crossover cable or through a switch/hub IF you configure Norton Internet Security to open all the necessary TCP/IP UDP ports required for the systems to talk to one another. You can ADD the computer which are running Internet Security program in the Home Networking properties "Trusted Zone" . This will allow traffic between the 2. Note: On the XP Home machine you have to add the XP Pro machine to the XP Home's Internet Security "Trusted Zone and like wise do the same for the XP Pro machine[add the XP Home machine to the XP Pro machines "Trusted Zone".

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