Broadband Rollout, Surveys Installations and Troubleshoots

By mwamono ·
I am tasked to come up with a business model that looks after Broadband customers very well. The technology will be WiMAX.
I am not happy with the way the field operation team has been responding to schedules, appointments, troubleshoots.
Please provide me a simple idea on how to program and cost effectively succeed in scheduling a team of 8 people, that will complete
1) surveys for pre-sale,
2) Install of outdoor WiMAX CPEs
3) Post sales troubleshootings on site

All with minmising costs.

I have tried simple things like deploying IPCOP, endian firewall for heavy users, leaving a bootable cd on site for remote troubleshoot.

What can I improve ? is it training of the staff ?

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a thought....

by ---TK--- In reply to Broadband Rollout, Survey ...

"I am not happy with the way the field operation team has been responding to schedules, appointments, troubleshoots"

Interview a few people, FIRE the trouble maker, and bring in the new person (that day) that will follow direction. Make it known that you will not tolerate BS, and that anyone and everyone can and will be replaced if they don't do their job. But be prepared if a few other people might just quite, b/c you fired their friend...

Or you could hold a weekly meeting on a friday, point out peoples mistakes, and give them insight on what they could have done better. Also recognize work well done, and let people know they did a good job on something...

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Really more a managerial issue than a technical one

by robo_dev In reply to a thought....

Set goals, reward those who hit the goals, retrain, monitor, and/or dismiss those who do not.

The goals must be reasonable and achievable. As a manager, if there are issues that make these goals hard to achieve (e.g. equipment availability), then you must work to resolve these issues to support your team.

You need to do a ride-along with your techs often to observe what they are doing.

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I agree with all of that

by SKDTech In reply to Really more a managerial ...

Also realize that your expectations used to build your timetables and such may be flawed. If the techs are consistently not meeting the projected deadlines you need to find out why as there may be insufficient human resources on site to do the job in the time alloted, the equipment supplied may be insufficiently provisioned as well as numerous other potential problems. Find out the why and then formulate your response whether it be personnel changes, training or rearranging the project schedule.

An old military axiom goes "The plan of battle rarely survives first contact with the enemy". In other words while you need to have a plan and schedule they also need to be flexible enough to change when necessary

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by LarryD4 In reply to Broadband Rollout, Survey ...

Not to be picky but, as a conultant weren't you hired to do this, based on your knowledge of business planning?

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