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Broadband share through MS Proxy Server

By etruah ·
Dear All,

Can I share broadband service by using MS Proxy Server. As the ISP will assign different IP to the client and Proxy Server is not support dynamic IP.
Can I make use of the dynamic IP service provided by some companies to make this possible?

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Possibly but not a good idea...

by eBob In reply to Broadband share through M ...

You will want a firewall (Proxy is NOT a firewall). I prefer an independent hardware solution. For a corporate network use Cisco PIX, Checkpoint Firewall, Raptor, etc. For a home, or small company, network use one of those cool little DSL "routers".

You'll also need a DHCP server. For a corporate network this is likely to me a MS Win32 server with DHCP installed. For the smaller network, again the DSL router comes into play - almost all of these include a DHCP server, and do Port Address Translation (PAT) to the fixed IP address on your broadband service from your ISP. Skipping the details, PAT lets many addresses on your LAN share the one address on the WAN (or Internet link).

If your heart is set on using MS Proxy, you SHOULD stillhave a firewall (running PAT), and you'll also need to setup a DHCP server.

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Proxy Server, firewalls, and broadband

by zinman In reply to Possibly but not a good i ...

When I first read the question yesterday, I could empathize with the pleading. It would seem so simple to do, but I've spent the last 6 weeks trying to do it, with no success.

Last night, I finally managed it, at least 95% of it.

The trick turned out to be to set up MS Proxy Server (I have 2.0, running under NT-4, Sp 6a) *without* any access restrictions, and running everything as Anonymous login, with no passwords. This wasn't at all what I was trying to do, but was the only way I could get it to work right in my mixed (95/98/NT/RedHat Linux) environment.

Now, when you do that, you have, as eBob notes, no firewall protection (*at all*). With an always on broadband connection, this isn't too good an idea. I tried running ZoneAlarmwith Proxy Server installed, to do server-side firewalling. Boy, never knew what NT's blue screen looked like before. But I could get it consistently with that combo!

I am finally running ZoneAlarm successfully as a client-side firewall (on my 95/98 machines).

Now, if I could just figure out why sometimes, spontaneously, it seems, I lose any Web access (with an Access Denied message) occasionally. It will work fine for a while, then suddenly give me an "Access Denied" and refuse to give me any til I reboot the server!

I'm going to try installing the client-side management tools for 95 on the clients and see if I can do a Proxy Server-only stop and restart and get it up again.

But, I repeat, it *can* be made to work. Whether it's the RIGHT solution...I'm still seriously considering booting NT/Proxy Server for RedHat Linux 7 Server with integral ipchain firewalling and NAT. Seems a waste to have to do all my firewalling on the client side.

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Proxy Server dismissed

by etruah In reply to Proxy Server, firewalls, ...

Finally, I gave up the using of Proxy Server and truned to use Red Hat Linux 7.1 as firewall.
Thank you very much for the experiment result.

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