Broadband wireless internet for desktop

By rflemingjr ·
I currently have internet only from a PCI card inserted into my laptop, no dsl,no modem, no cable, basically it is all wireless, from Verizon, being billed monthly, now I want to purchase a new desktop, but want to keep getting broadband from Verizon, it is the only option other than old dial up,,but can i purchase a desktop with a PCI slot for this card to be moved over,,,or,,,what options do I have to access the internet from my new (not purchase yet) desktop,,,thinking of buying new Dell, can I request a slot be installed,,,am I crazy, is this possible,,gotten 10 different answers from 10 different people..

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I bought a dell desktop a couple of years ago

by jtakiwi In reply to Broadband wireless intern ...

With a pcmcia slot, an optipex 270 i think.
Here is alink to a pci adapter that should work for what you are trying to do.

Cables Unlimited PCI to PCMCIA Adapter Card

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You should be able to go to any HW store

by w2ktechman In reply to Broadband wireless intern ...

and pickup a PCI wireless adapter. Most are pretty cheap.

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The anwser is yes

by jfp In reply to Broadband wireless intern ...

I'm assuming you mean a PCMCIA card in your laptop or is it a mini-pci card. you can get a pcmcia card reader for a desktop, either internal or external. If it is a mini-pci card that may be a problem, you may want to see if verizon has a pci wireless card to connect to their 3g network.

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USB or pcmcia card reader

by coralzebco In reply to Broadband wireless intern ...

I have the USB720 - you can use this on either a desktop or laptop ... but I like the suggestion to get a you can get a pcmcia card reader for a desktop (then you won't have to buy any "new equipment" from Verizon (possibly extending your contract to get a good deal). Bummer is Verizon forbids you to share the internet connection with your other computer, or you could've just networked the two.

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