Broadcast and the swtich CPU

By kevin.livingston.ctc ·
I have an app, that sends out LOTS of broadcasts, It is on it own Vlan, and the BCs stay there, BUT the switch CPU rises up to 87% and stays that high. Now maybe I'am wrong but I thought all of that switching would be done in the hardware. Any ideals?

Thanks, Kevin

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Broadcast and the swtich ...

What kind of switch?
Vendor, model, IOS rev?

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Broadcast and the switch CPU

by kevin.livingston.ctc In reply to Switch?

It is a cisco 4507R w/IOS 12.2-25. But I was thinking most managed switches would work the same way.

Thanks, Kevin

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Broadcast and the switch ...

Do you see any events in the log?
The supervisor module you have in your switch may factor into it, you could also have an IOS bug you are hitting.
What do you see who you look at show process cpu?
If it is broadcasting NetBIOS, that can had adverse affects on supervisor modules (if I remember correctly).
I think broadcast traffic utilized CPU because it forwards up through the stack to see if the supervisor modules is an intended recipient of the broadcast.
Is this VLAN served off the 4507? Have you tried trunking that segment to a separate layer2 switch to see if it does the same thing to the 4500?

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