Broadcasting a Wireless Connection through Cingular Laptop Card

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It kind of speaks for itself. Nobody else I've searched asks it quite as plainly as I do. I have a laptop with a working direct connection card in it and an ethernet cable run from my NIC to my wireless router. How do I get my router to broadcast the wireless signal so my other two laptops can wirelessly connect to my laptop's connection?

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Not meant to work that way

by mjd420nova In reply to Broadcasting a Wireless C ...

The router is meant to broadcast the network, not the connection. The router can operate and connect the computers together without having an internet connection. The WIFI card is not meant to broadcast but could be used as an access point.

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This kind of answers itself

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Broadcasting a Wireless C ...

cable run from my NIC to my wireless router

What you need to do is setup the WiFi Router to broadcast so that you can log your other NB's onto the WiFi Access point. Without knowing the Make & Model of the WiFi Router I would say that your best bet is to Read The Manual and setup the WiFi side of the router so that it's working correctly. You can then log on with your other NB's to this WiFi Access Point and have a working WiFi Connection.

While in Theory it is possible to use a WiFi Card in a NB as an access point unfortunately this is not configered to allow or set different IP Addresses and so on so in reality this is not possible to do so you stick to your WiFi Router to do the job that it was built to do.

There is however one possible problem with this and that is related to range. While in clear air any WiFi access point should have a range of up to 500 meters once you add walls, Floors and Windows into the mix that range can drop dramatically so if you need coverage over your entire dwelling you may need to use a Range Extender that is close to the limit of the first WiFi Access Point to extend the range out further. In an enclosed space you can continue to do this as much as necessary but for Home work you can generally get away with just 1 Range Extender.


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