Broken CD

By wasimdesai ·
I have to recover data from a broken CD at any cost is there any way i have tried different CD DVD Recovery tool but in vain. or any person who does this professionally do recommend.

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data recovery firm

by Dr Dij In reply to Broken CD

I know of some in US.
don't know of any in India.
They could probably get most of your data off, if cleanly broken, not heavily scratched or a huge# of pieces.

You could probably mail it.

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Contact no.

by wasimdesai In reply to data recovery firm

The CD is Broken in the middle & it has not broken in two peices all parts r together only intact

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You can find these yourelf

by Dr Dij In reply to Contact no.

gogole or yahoo for:

+"data recovery" +mumbai
(excactly as shown)

there's alt east 3 firms in Mumbai,
and one training course:
#1 Data Recovery Service in Mumbai India, Micro Solutions - The Data ...
... Mumbai bombay,We are Trend Micro's Antivirus solutions provider in Mumbai, Linux ... #1 Data Recovery Service Mumbai, India, Gurranted Recovery, 100% Disk Repair, - 34k - Cached - More from this site
Data Recovery Mumbai
Data Recovery Mumbai offers professional data recovery services for crashed hard disk ... ? Copyright 2005, Data Recovery Mumbai - Professional Data Recovery Services in - 28k - Cached - More from this site
Data Recovery Form (PDF)
Data Recovery Mumbai. Tejukayk Mansion, Dr. B.A Road, Lalbaug, ... ? Copyright 2005, Data Recovery Mumbai ? Professional Data Recovery Services in India - 46k - View as html - More from this site
#1 Data Recovery Training Course in India
Micro Solutions offers Professional Data Recovery training in India ... We give exclusive Data Recovery Training in mumbai,India , with practical guidelines also.
(this was on yahoo main serch, google should have more)

You can google or yahoo for "Data Recovery" (put in quotes)

here's some in the US

Ontrack Data Recovery
(714) 641-0530 Write a Review 18350 Mount Langley St # 110
Fountain Valley, CA Map 2.6

Orange County Data Recovery
(949) 462-9**0 Write a Review 10005 Muirlands Blvd # O
Irvine, CA Map 12.5

Computer Data Recovery Me
(81 439-2006 13658 Hawthorne Blvd
Hawthorne, CA Map 28.5

La County Data Recovery Svc
(213) 596-0**4 Write a Review Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA Map 31.4

Data Recovery Management
(81 621-8177 Write a Review 1804 Flower St # B
Glendale, CA Map 37.9

Hollywood Data Recovery
(310) 393-7190
Santa Monica, CA Map 39.1

Data Recovery Technology
(81 705-1786 Write a Review 18566 Sherman Way
Reseda, CA Map 48.9

A1 Data Recovery Svc
(81 825-0826 Write a Review 22833 Vanowen St # 2
West Hills, CA Map 50.0

Micro Com Data Recovery
(81 718-1200 Web Site Write a Review **35 Alabama Ave # F
Chatsworth, CA Map 50.0

(I've only used one near me, the rest I got from yahoo yellow pages)

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One more that id try

by Langlier In reply to You can find these yourel ...

is DriveSavers (

They specialize in recovering data from media that has gone bad or become damaged.

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Broken CD

by Trevorross69 In reply to Contact no.

I am interested in finding out where in the UK or US I can send my cracked CD to, for them to collect info off at a price. Thank you Trevor

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broken cd in 2 piece

by priyaa2485 In reply to Contact no.

is ur problem solved.please help me out. i have cd broken in two pieces.what shall i do to recover data from it?

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Did you try to recover it with linux?

by losadaz In reply to Broken CD

Linux is very powerfull, you can extract
the Cd-rom ignoring read i/o errors; with
this command (execute as root):

dd conv=noerror if=/dev/cdrom

an iso of the readable data will be
created, then you can pass file recovery
tools over this iso.
You can skip the first blocks of data, as
in your case (and accelerate reading); like

dd conv=noerror if=/dev/cdrom
of=/cdrom_image.iso ibs=2048 skip=100

With the previous command you will skip the
first 100 blocks of 2048 bytes. If you know
the amount of data damaged this is
To recover data from a cd is relatively
easy, as the files are contiguous and not
spreaded all over the disk (like in a HD),
so you don't need the fat to recover data.

With the iso you can extract files with
professional tools or examine data by hand
if you know what type of data is.

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Don't do it yourself.

by 1bn0 In reply to Broken CD

You will likely damage the disk, the drive and injure yourself in the process. Send it to one of the data recovery services. They have equipment to read the disk without spinning it at lethal velocities that will tear it appart.

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