Broken Hyperlinks in Outlook 2003

By Willie11 ·
When I receive an email that contains a short hyperlink it works. When I receive an email that contains a long hyperlink Outlook breaks the link onto several lines. Only the first line is recognized as the link, the rest is just text.

If you click on the link it fails because you only get part of it. If you copy and paste the link it fails because it contains %20 characters at each line break.

If you edit the message to put the link back together (use backspace at the begining of each line) then the link opens correctly.

This is Outlook 2003 and IE-7 on Windows XP-Sp2.

Any suggestions for setup changes that will fix this??


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Same Problem

by greg In reply to Broken Hyperlinks in Outl ...

I have the same problem; that is how I found your thread. Does anybody have the answer?

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External sender?

by Jellimonsta In reply to Broken Hyperlinks in Outl ...

I would assume this issue is prevalent from external contacts (outside your company).
This issue is due to wrapped text and non Outlook clients not wrapping the URL.
Check this link out

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Nice but not the answer

by Willie11 In reply to External sender?

This even happens when I receive an email sent from Outlook 2003 on another machine to my Outlook 2003 on my machine. It also happens when I send a message with a long link from my Outlook 2003 to someone else using Outlook 2003. We don't use Exchange or anything so it is Outlook to the external email system back to Outlook.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Nice but not the answer

Unfortunately, I do not believe you can unwrap long lines from with Outlook (you can with programs like Netscape or Eudora).
I would suggest you use websites such as to shorten the URL as to make it clickable.

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Good Idea

by Willie11 In reply to Well...

That's a good idea. I'm just surprised that no one else has complained about this. I have searched at Microsoft and I can't find any mention of it at all.

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send solution

by suebewebs In reply to External sender?

When composing the email place angle brackets around the link <> This will force the email editor to read everything in between the <> as one line ....if there are no spaces.
As for you receivers well it might be that the company sending you the link (ie... UPS tracking numbers) hasn't seen this as an issue and has therefore not addressed it.

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You're on to something

by Willie11 In reply to send solution

I just did a test by sending a link to myself with and without the <>. I made my window small so the link would be on more than one line.

The <> marks did the trick. The email I sent to myself displayed the link on two lines but it was a single link I could click on and it displayed the web page.

All these Geeks and you are the only one who came up with an answer that works.



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It Doesn't Work

by Willie11 In reply to You're on to something

After a more extensive test I have found that the < > marks at the end of the hyperlink don't keep Outlook from spliting it so the last part is no longer considered a piece of the hyperlink.

Any other suggestions?

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Tried <...> it did not work

by mlesniak In reply to send solution

I also have a user with this problem and I tried adding the < to the start and > to the end of the link but it did not work.
Does any one else have a solution?

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I Feel Your Pain

by Willie11 In reply to Tried <...> it did not wo ...

I tried it also. It didn't work for me either. I am now using Outlook Express 6 and it doesn't seem to have this problem. I have tried to find information about this problem at Microsoft but it is just like it doesn't exist.

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