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Broken Laptop Screen

By cris_toves2002 ·
My house was broken into last week and the thieves smashed my laptop screen. I was just wondering how I could retreive my files when i can't even see what's goin' on because the screen is broken. The laptop turns on just fine though. No other damages besides the screen. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS GUYS!

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a couple of options

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Broken Laptop Screen

you can get kit to load your hard drive in to a desktop pc, but the easiest way would be to just borrow a monitor and plug it in the back.
Any standard monitor will do even someones old 14 inch crt.

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by cris_toves2002 In reply to a couple of options

Hey Tony...Thanks..I was thinking I could do something like that I just needed some information from someone who knows more about it than I do. THANKS AGAIN...I appreciate your help.

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One more thing...

by dawgit In reply to Thanks

Do yourself a favor and disconnect the on-board lap-top display, no sense in taking chances on shorts. (any where)

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Go to and get a new LCD

by account-111 In reply to Broken Laptop Screen

I have a HP pavillion dv2000 and I experienced the same problem, You need to take the screen out and look at the make and model no. to be sure of getting the right screen, and also contact online sellers to get a quote, seem to have the lowest prices.
Or you might be able to file a valid claim on your home contents insurance.

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