Broken Monitor pin

By mrcpac ·
My CRT dell monitor has a broken pin, so i cut the cable to try and solder it or use one of those male connectors with screws. Problems is where the colors go so far i have managed the RGB only and left with the following, Yellow, Brown white, black and the silver!!

Please assist in where the other fit??

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Is this what you need?

by Kenone In reply to Broken Monitor pin

Color VGA Adapter
Pin# Label Function
1 RED Red color signal
2 GREEN Green color signal
3 BLUE Blue color signal
4 ID2 Monitor identification bit 2
5 N.C. Not Connected
6 GND-RED Ground Red signal
7 GND-GREEN Ground Green signal
8 GND-BLUE Ground Blue signal
9 N.C. Not Connected
10 GND-SYNC Ground Sync signal
11 ID1 Monitor identification bit 1
12 ID0 Monitor identification bit 0
13 H-SYNC Horizontal Synchronization
14 V-SYNC Vertical Synchronization
15 N.C. Not connected

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Not quite

by mrcpac In reply to Is this what you need?

It still does not explain where the colours , yellow, black and white go to ???

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You need to check this with a Multimeter/Ohmmeter

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not quite

From the Old Plug to the Wire where you cut it off.

That is the only way to find out which pin goes to which color unless you want to pull the monitor apart and trace from inside it. That's not the best option though and a simple Multimeter and the bit you cut off is far easier.


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Color code manufacturer specific

by mjd420nova In reply to Broken Monitor pin

If you still have the old connector, an ohmmeter will allow you to determine the correct pinout for that cable and the connector. Color codes are often different from manufacturer to manufacturer. I've had to replace dozens of VGA connectors for clients and this was the only method to replace the connector.

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Beat me to it

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Color code manufacturer s ...

So I guess I'll second this approach as the right one.

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Free monitors

by mjd420nova In reply to Beat me to it

I've had so many clients that bought new monitors when they broke or bent over a pin on the connector. I'm more than greatful to take them off their hands and with the cost of a connector and a little time with the soldering iron, return it to full operation. Now I'm starting to see the same thing with the newer LCD units too.

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by mrcpac In reply to Free monitors

Is there a chance that if i get the wires mixed up it will damage my pc cos i dont have any testing kit??

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Why risk it? Make your own...

by hatfield In reply to damage

... with the bulb and batteries from a flashlight and a few lengths of small wire.

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Why use an ommeter?

by NickNielsen In reply to Color code manufacturer s ...

Just cut the back off the connector he cut from the cable. Whoomp, there it is: cable color code on the back of the plug.

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Who says we don't know how...

by hatfield In reply to Why use an ommeter? over-engineer a solution? ;-)

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