Broken USB Flash Drive

By mailmehdi203 ·
I broke my USB Flash Drive...that is to say, the tip of the usb is bent, but i believe the the drive it self is still in tact. Is there any way to detach the old bent usb head and replace it with a new one?

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not hopeful

by midniteone In reply to Broken USB Flash Drive

because they're a sealed unit and you're trying to do the equivalent of keyhole surgery to link it up again.

last time a colleague did something like this one of the pins holding the tip into the body had actually fractured, albeit microscopically! despite working our way through the phone book we were told it was damn near impossible to either make a clean break or a clean weld - no space to work in without trashing the device.

They wound up sending it to a recovery service who I think opened the whole thing up because they got the results back on a CD. Cost about ?100 at that time (? six months ago) and we got their name/number off a Google search.

good luck!

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Three Options

by stutzmanryan In reply to Broken USB Flash Drive

Three options: 1. You can solder some new leads to circuit board, 2. you could pay $300 for profesional data recovery service, or 3. seach ebay for "broken flash drive." There is at least one guy who will recover your files in a day for $45.


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Any of the better Data Recovery Houses

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Broken USB Flash Drive

Should be able to rescue your Data but the Flash Drive itself is Toast.


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Digging up Zombies again? (nt)

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Any of the better Data Re ...
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I was gonna say that several hours ago - in fact ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Digging up Zombies again? ...

I'm pretty sure I took a stance and the post got deleted.

I might be wrong but there were some SPAM posts about broken USB drives and I flagged 'em, but my posts seem to have disappeared as well.

< boo hoo >

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