broken windows xp

By SystemCheck ·
I got a windows xp home computer, jsut the other day I got it working fine after removing several viruses, now when I turn on the computer everything goes fine until it gets to the splash screen where it shows windows xp loading, and the loading bar is moving. Except the OS never shows up, in fact it will reboot on me then come with the safe mode screen like i pulled the power. What is wrong with my computer and how do I fix please?

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Upgrade to either Vista or Win7.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to broken windows xp

If you need to keep XP then get hold of another HDD and do a install on it, when done then stick in the OLD HDD and copy off of it on to the newer drive. I prefere Vista to XP but that is my choice.

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by brian In reply to broken windows xp

Boot the the windows xp installation cd.
When it comes up to the beginning screen with 3 options, press r for repair
follow the on screen instructions to get loged into a user account if it does not automatically do it for you.
You will be doing this all in text mode (dos).
when you finally get the the c:\windows prompt, type in chkdsk -r
let it run through the check disk process and then reboot your comptuer. (remember to remove the xp cd from the cd rom drive after the check disk is done). See if your comptuer will boot after doing that....if not, try running a complete repair install of windows (install windows overtop of itself).

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by SystemCheck In reply to chkdsk

how would i log in if im in dos mode?

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follow the instructions

by brian In reply to chkdsk

It will prompt you to choose an operating system (will show the XP OS). You would enter the corrosponding number (1) and press would then continue on and ask you for some information (usually you can just press enter and it will continue). Though it is text mode, windows is still controlling it through the dos prompt. Try it out, it is somewhat user friendly if you read what populates on the screen :) .

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let me know!

by brian In reply to follow the instructions

let me know if it works, or if you still need some more help....i'll see what else i can come up with for you!

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by SystemCheck In reply to let me know!

thank you will try 2nite

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