brokendown laptop

By click1950 ·
my laptop cd writer as broken andi got a virus on my laptop and it as shut it down
i cant get it to boot can i boot it using a usb flash drive and put windows back in

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Better to put the AntiVirus software on the flashdrive ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to brokendown laptop

That way, you could boot to Safe Mode then launch the anti-virus from the memory stick (which presumably would be an uninfected storage medium).

Have you tried booting to safe mode yet?

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broken down laptop

by click1950 In reply to Better to put the AntiVir ...

tried booting from safe mode dont know howto put anti virus on flashdrive

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A few thoughts

by w2ktechman In reply to brokendown laptop

First, listen to Old Mycroft. Run the AV first. Also have it scan the master boot record.
If your system will not boot to a flash drive, you may be able to load it from an external cd drive or even an external floppy drive.
The only other option (if those fail) that I can think of is to remove the HDD, and put it in a USB caddy. Then scan it from another system and either repair or install the source files onto the HDD.

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What about replacing the Optical Drive?

by OH Smeg In reply to A few thoughts

That is the most obvious if you can not boot from a USB Device.

To Boot from a USB you need this support in BIOS, if you do not have this option in BIOS then you are unlikely to be able to boot from any USB Device.

Look at the Boot Order and see if you can select a USB Device if you can you can attempt to boot from a USB Stick but if you can't you need to look at something else to try and instead of gutting the unit replacing the Optical Drive is the easiest option.


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broken downlaptop

by click1950 In reply to What about replacing the ...

thanks no i dont have a usb in the bios i told him that sold me the stick &25 down the drain now it would cost a bitto put a new optical in

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Maybe maybe not

by OH Smeg In reply to broken downlaptop

Depends on the type of Optical Drive a Dual Layer DVD Burner here in AU costs somewhere around the $160.00 mark and you only need to undo 1 screw to get it out of the NB.

Sometimes you need to lift off the Keyboard then undo the screw but if the NB was correctly designed one of the Case Screws which holds the case together will be the screw that you need to remove to get the Optical Drive out. When you have the drive out you need to remove th Retaining Bracket fixed tot he back of the Optical Drive with 1 or 2 screws and fit this bracket to the new Drive then slide it in and refit the screw. The Optical Drive then is correctly fitted and working.

Another possibility maybe is to reload the NB from a LAN connection most BIOS Support this option and it may be a possibility for you.


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brokendown laptop

by click1950 In reply to A few thoughts

hiya old mycroft how do i run av when nothing comes on except a blank screen
how do i scan the boot record

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