Broweser crashes the computer while migrating to another page

By jborza ·
While browsing on firefox and migrating to a new page via new TAB (unrequested)the cpu crashes. Requiring a Hard reboot.

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What OS is this on

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Broweser crashes the comp ...

And what version of Monzilla is being used here.

Also is this a Stand Alone PC or its it part of a LAN?

If it's part of a LAM is this a Domain and are there any GP's in place to prevent opening new Tabs?


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CPU Crash

by jborza In reply to What OS is this on

Stand alone, desktop
Mozilla 3.5.6
Dell,XP MCE, SP3
Not on NT


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What if any Fire fox Add On's are you running here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CPU Crash

Assuming that XP is fully patched and that no infection has been cleaned of this system recently the only thing left is what Tool Bars do you have Installed & what Add Ons are running here?


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Does it crash in Safe Mode?

by Ron K. In reply to CPU Crash

Safe Mode disables extensions, toolbars, searchbars and add-ons so you're browsing 'bare' so to speak. <br>
You may also want to either delete your cache or increase the amount of space available for it on your HD. <br>
Don't do everything all at once. A step at a time is best to pinpoint the problem. <br>
If Safe Mode works, enable add-ons two at a time until it crashes, then you'll know that it's one of the two. <br>
The latest version of Firefox is 3.6.3 but that doesn't mean that your version shouldn't be stable. I have both versions, they both work fine.<br>
If Safe Mode doesn't work there are other things to try but try Safe Mode first.

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