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Browlser Sematic Web Browser

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by jeff In reply to Browlser Sematic Web Brow ...

I wanted to be able to put my data into RDF and <a href="">OWL</a> and to let anyone view it in their browser without downloading special software and without me pre-formatting the RDF into web pages. Of course it would be a Javascript application, but how to display the data, since RDF is just a bunch of triples. My idea is that the data includes rules that return the HTML used to display each type of data. The rules are in <a href="">SWRL</a>, the Semantic Web Rules Language which is kind of Prolog for the semantic web. Fortunately, Glendon Holst already wrote <a href="">JScriptLog</a>, which is Prolog implemented in Javascript. Hence all the pieces were there for <a href="">Browlser</a>, the browser for OWL.

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