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Browse to Open File dialog

By Glenn from Iowa ·
I need to know how to access an open file dialog box from a form in Access 97, that will allow the user to browse for a file, then when the file is selected, will place the file path and name in a field on the form. This is found on most programs as a command button labeled Browse.

Here is where you can find an example of what I am looking for:
1. Open a form in design mode.
2. Then with the Control Wizards icon on the Toolbox toolbar selected, click on the Command Button on the Toolbox (to create a Command Button on the form).
3. Place the control on the form
4. In the Command Button Wizard that appears, select Application in the left frame and Run Application in the right frame.
5. Click on Next and a dialog box will appear that asks for the Command line of the application you want to run.
6. Just below the line to enter the Command line, there will be a button that says Browse...
The function that this Browse button performs is what I want to be able to do ona form.

I am mode

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Browse to Open File dialog

by brian.knox In reply to Browse to Open File dialo ...


While I dont have all the answers, here is the begining..

Open the form you wish to add the button to.

open the tool box

click on the more controls (looks just like the tool box button on the toolbar)
find Microsoft common dialogcontrol and add it to your form

add the control button to the form

go to events tab and click on the onclick

add code(not exact) commondialog1.initdir = app.path..

Hope this helps


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Browse to Open File dialog

by Glenn from Iowa In reply to Browse to Open File dialo ...

That's what I needed to know - which control to use. Now I just need to install VB so I have a license to it!

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