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    by tweetm ·


    Hey, guys Browser is my topic. As per our knowledge various type of browser like firefox, google, Mozilla, etc. are popular. But according to me, Google is the best option. Because it has lots of features. It updated always properly not only that, it is every user upgrade it from play store. Easy accessible from tab, notebook, desktop, mobile phone. On the other hand Firefox, Mozilla these are good also. Google has voice recording facilities.
    I hope this topic helps you to choose a browser on your pc.

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      by emilia03 ·

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      Totally agree. Its not so easy to switch to another browser after using Chrome (trust me, tried like a hundred times). I find it simply, fast and enjoyable to use, it has all the features I need. So..why to switch, when you found yourself the perfect one? I think I won’t haha!

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      GX Opera

      by cloudsmooth ·

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      I agree with you, but as far as I remember right now, Chrome is simply too big, but almost all of its derivatives on the chromium engine are good in their own way. I’m sitting on the GX Opera now and I can say that it is really great.

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      by jonesst430 ·

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      Different people use different types of browsers. I also love Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera at the same time. All of them are good enough according to my using experience.

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