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Browser Hijacking and Security Cocnerns

By magilla_26 ·
Anyone notice the dramatic increase in browser hijackings? I recently was a victim, and now a co-worker is trying to deal with another hijacker.

Anyway, my question regards the Browser hijacking by "about:blank" -- at least that is the homepage that opens up. When your browser is hijacked, how safe or unsafe is it to conduct business online and submit credit card numbers online for payments? (I admit I am a bit paranoid about submitting credit card numbers online, but sometimes there isn't a realistic alternative.)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Browser Hijacking and Sec ...

Get CWshredder and HIjack this as well as AdAware to keep it clean.

As for credit cards online,I have never used one nor needed to, there is ALWAYS an alternative to paying online by credit card, ALWAYS.

Yes, if you can be hijacked you can have your credit card number retrieved, especially if your security settings allow the number to be cached in IE.

Just don't use it, there is NEVER a need to, there is ALWAYS a phone number to call and give your card over the phone,

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Phone not secure either

by Gary_W In reply to Well

Just ask my Grandma who likes to listen to her neighbor's cordless phones on her scanner.

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Like you said

by Oz_Media In reply to Phone not secure either

Cordless phone.

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Watch out for walkie-talkies too..

by kphillips In reply to Like you said

I overheard a cell phone conversation from my past job's Walkie Talkie...thank goodness they weren't planning anyone's murder!! I could hear them, but they couldnt hear all you idiots keep talking on those cell phones, but NOT WHILE YOUR DRIVING!!

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Their everywhere

by SD ITman In reply to Watch out for walkie-talk ...

Oh no.... we better watch out for listening devices and bugs in our offices too. And what about that little hole in the wall. Is that a tiny camera I see in there? CAN WE SAY PARANOID! Use a router,lock-down your firewall and tighten your security settings. I've used credit cards over the web for 5 years. There's a little thing called common sense that really applies here.

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We are seeing a lot

by gralfus In reply to Browser Hijacking and Sec ...

This past week I've seen at least 5 calls about "SearchBar" suddenly appearing on the bottom of the screen and lots of nasty popups.

On one today, I remotely ran CoolWeb Shredder, AdAware (found over 100 items), then Spybot (found over 100 other items). Both AdAware and Spybot couldn't clean everything due to items being in use, so each required a reboot.
I then went in manually and removed the directories I could discern as spyware from the C:\Program Files directory.

One user called back in an hour and had the SearchBar again. (sigh)

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As bad as a virus and should be a crime

by p_korman In reply to We are seeing a lot

I see this on a daily basis. So far between myself and 2 other technicians we have a combined 30 days of trying to figure out a solution. The only way that we have found that is the fastest way is to back up the users important data, email, address books, etc, and reinstall Windows from scratch. Anything else has been a total waste of time. That includes using Spybot S&D, Adaware, resetting web settings, HiJackTHis, etc.

Make sure that you have all the updates done for Windows, and and up to date virus scanner on the system.

Get a router. Don't leave your system bare to the Internet.

Read everything you install. Especially those little windows that pop up when you go to some sites. If there one that you don't know what it is, DON'T install it.

If there was a way to have the holes that created all the adware/spyware on the Internet brought up on charges, they should be.

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by SD ITman In reply to We are seeing a lot

Did you ever discover a way to rid them of it? I have a user that has it on her home PC. Regardless of how many times I warn people about IM's they don't seem to care. I'm presuming that's where it came from. Now she's experiencing a really bad slow down because it seems to be accessing all the time.

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Clearing home page hijackers

by dfacer In reply to Searchbar

I found that using a combination of AdAware SE Pro(to scan an clear spyware + also stop re-infection with the Adwatch part) along with Spy-Bot has been effective. Use the Tools/Browser Pages option to CHANGE all your default browser pages to google or altavista. Then, after cleaning your system you can also use the Toools/IE Tweaks section to LOCK your browser homepage. I reccomend checking all your startup routines as well.

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Browser Helper Objects - Can be controlled!

by bhwow In reply to Browser Hijacking and Sec ...

I've been using BHO Demon from Definitive Solutions Inc. for some time now. First it will list all browser helper objects currently on your machine, give you details about each one, and let you disable or enable each with a click of your mouse. After which it will continually monitor and protect your browser from unwanted invaders. Of course if you want to add an item or decide you no longer want an item, it's as simple as clicking enable or disable - the choice is yours.
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