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By truestyle311 ·
I dont have the slightest idea whats going on, but here is what happens with my browser. I'll be on yahoo messenger, and partypoker. Then if I open my broswer I lose connection to both partypoker and yahoo and can not get reconnected until I reboot. I will also lose connection with just the broswer open while surfing. I know this is broswer related since I do pumps on partypoker which last up to 8 hours and I am connected the entire time. But as soon as my browser gets in the mix there is a major problem. Fyi, I use my lap top also with the same connection and dont lose connection there at any point in time. Been messing with this for a couple weeks. Would love any information that anyone can give:)

ps, I have tired firefox as well, still the same issue


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How can you use Party Poker WITHOUT an open browser?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to browser issue

You've got me confused because I'm not aware of ANY internet connection that doesn't use an internet browser.

For a start, without an internet browser open, you don't have any address line from which to connect to anything.

So what are you meaning "..Then if I open my broswer I lose connection to both partypoker and yahoo and can not get reconnected until I reboot."

Are you opening a second browser? Burying your already open Party Poker window behind the newly opened browser window? If you attempt to access Party Poker from this new window you will have difficulty, because you are already online to that site.

* If I'm wrong in this, please excuse me. I've never considered playing poker in an environment where I can't physically oversee the play, to be a particularly wise idea. As such I've never played online gambling of any kind."


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i meaaaaaaaan:)

by truestyle311 In reply to How can you use Party Pok ...

Browser as in internet explorer/firefox. Partypoker is downloaded, I dont really know how it opens. (im not very smart when it comes to lingo) I just know that I have had an issue with this before:)

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