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By terrystewart1 ·
My sister is in Texas on business and is going out of her mind. She can get emails from her outlook ok, but can not get on the internet. Just keeps spinning, sometimes get an error message. Was on previously, kept getting some pop up saying to download a virus protection which she kept clicking out of, can not get back on since then. She has changed hotels since she thought that was the problem, still happening. She has checked the wireless connection and it says it is connected with high connection speed. Thought it might be IE so I sent her Firefox and she downloaded that, but still can't get on.

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Is she using a firewall

by IC-IT In reply to browser problem

especially if she has zone alarm.
There was a MS update that didn't play nicely with zone alarm. To correct this she needs the ZA update. There is also a workaround on this page.

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temporary alternative

by kewlharsh In reply to browser problem

i had the same problem once, for the time being what she could do, is go on to start - search. there select the option of "search the internet". this way u can browse the web.
it could be possible, that the computers firewall might be blocking the internet browsers. she might want to check what the home page of the browser is, that is if it was changed by the virus attack. just in case.

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You could also get her to try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to browser problem

How to determine which program uses or blocks specific transmission control protocol ports in Windows;en-us;281336

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