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    Browser refresh (scrolls to top of page) at set time.


    by ghosttd ·

    When trying to book a tee time at my golf club, the booking system goes live (allows booking) at 7am 1 week in advance. The page is setup with clickable booking button at 10 minute intervals. These are greyed out until, exactly 7am, when they refresh & change colour to allow booking. The problem is it is so busy at exactly 7am, by the time you scroll to your desired time, someone else has already clicked on it, this sends you back to top of page, which makes it even harder to get a 2nd attempt or even 3rd choice. I am very limited in my time frame, as I do the school run, I have an hour window to book or go without. (I require 10am – 11am). The website used to stay stationery at your selected time & it took just that fraction of a second to book. Now I find it impossible to get my first choice, as it refreshes to the top of the page 7 7am tee time. I have tried, Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Brave. Is their a setting I can change? make the page refresh but stay stationery?

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      Re: browser refresh

      by kees_b ·

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      That’s a question for the developer. Contact your golf club and complain about the change.

      They might say there is no change and is has always been like this. Or they might say that it’s by design. Or they might say it’s a side effect of an upgrade of their system, which they regret but can’t change. Or something else.

      Please tell when you know.

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