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browser startup is very slow

By dlapenson ·
This problem has been baffling me for months. Whenever I start up Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox, it takes 15 minutes, almost exactly, for the program to start. Once started, it runs normal. If it's closed and re-opened, it opens fast.
I'm pretty savvy about the newest anti virus and anti spy-ware programs, registry cleaners,..and my machine seems pretty clean.
I have Microsoft security essentials for my anti-virus monitor, and was suspicious of that, so tried uninstalling it - and it made no difference.
One other program, called "edit pad light", (a freeware download), also took 15' to start!
I would welcome any suggestions, this particular problem is a tough one.
I should also mention - this computer is on a Windows 2003 domain.

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to browser startup is very s ...

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Very sharp line between

by NickNielsen In reply to Clever

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by unhappyuser In reply to browser startup is very s ...

Try installing/running malwarebytes. It might be best to download it to another machine to save a little time! :-)

Have you changed your home page?

What about resetting your browser(s) back to the default settings?

Have you checked your network settings? Maybe there's a DNS issue? Try using the ip instead of the name when browsing. What are your ping times?

Let me know if any of these help.


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switching DNS, anti virus, etc.

by dlapenson In reply to Malwarebytes

Thanks for your comments.
I was able to run Malwarebytes, and Super Antispyware. However niether of those found any problems. Also tried some different DNS servers: our local Windows 2003 server, our ISP's DNS servers, and Google's public DNS, and those made no difference.
The following other things also made no difference:
Quitting the domain and joining a work group.
Uninstalling Microsoft security essentials, and trying a different antivirus (ClamWin).
Once the browser opens (after a 15'wait) it appears to run normally in every way.
The same identical problem happens with both Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Sorry about taking a long time to reply, in order to test if something works, you have to reboot and wait 15 minutes!

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Possible major breakthrough

by dlapenson In reply to browser startup is very s ...

One more thing that didn't work, after uninstalling IE8 (and that reverts it back to IE7), not only did the browser(s) take 15' to open, but now it took 15' to view the files inside of a shared folder on the network!
Finally, while looking at my list of installed printers, I noticed there was a long list of network printers, most are no longer used, or offline. I decided to either delete every printer, except the few I actually use. Or, change their port settings from a network address to LPT1.
Then tried rebooting, and for the first time in months, the browsers (etc) opened immediately!
Keeping my fingers crossed that this solves it.

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