Browser will not Connect

By mjool ·
I support several clients and am having difficulty with remote users connectivity. This problem started on or about June 30, 2009 and effects perhaps 5 users. The laptops connect to the internet via the domain without issue, but remotely the browser will not connect. The computers are actually connecting though and I am getting a valid ip address, skype, live update, and can "ping" a websites address. Thus far I have tried dumping the IP cache file (ipconfig /flushdns), resetting the IP stack (netsh int ip reset resetlog.tx), verified settings for IP and DNS resolution, and even completely reformatted and reinstalled one system but the problem remains. The only success story has been using a restore point (June 26, 2009), but in at least one case that has had to be done twice. We are running Symantic End Point Protection on some machines and Norton 360 on others. This is not effecting all of my remote users so does not seem to be a system wide problem. Could this be related to a recent software update from Symantic or Microsft?

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Norton 360

by jswentworth In reply to Browser will not Connect

I know that Norton 360 attempts to route web browser connections through an internal proxy. If you disable that behavior and then don't update the proxy config in IE you can have that issue. Alternately if the local proxy is broken it will cause the same problem. Check the IE settings on your affected users for possible bad proxy settings.

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by mbonanno090 In reply to Browser will not Connect

Hey there. I have had problems with Internet Explorer Updates hosing up security and not allowing connection to the domain. What worked for me was taking one machine and rolling back the security updates from the Add/Remove programs control panel, and rebooting the system so they are removed totally. If you look and see if there was security updates put in place on the date that this started occurring then you probably found your culprit.

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