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    Browser woes in site design


    by jaqui ·

    To really make it interesting, the problem is NOT IE.

    I tested my site in Opera and got some really funky font that makes the content unreadable.

    heck, even IE displays it just fine, with no browser specific code in anything…
    well ok, I did put [pre][/pre] to get IE to work right.

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      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Browser woes in site design

      seems that it’s in my xfs, I have to many fonts installed. [ 1819 installed fonts ] Opera 8.x chokes on anything higher than 1000.

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        That’s pretty friggin’ weak.

        by apotheon ·

        In reply to hmmm

        On the other hand, that’s way too many fonts.

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          to many fonts?

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to That’s pretty friggin’ weak.

          no way, it’s only 1/10th what I should have!! 😉

          editing to add:

          apparently the current beta series has the font limit increased to 2000.
          so that issue should resolve itself in time.

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          font availability

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to to many fonts?

          When you have that many fonts installed, the font server (or equivalent, depending on OS) has to index them all so that you actually have them at your fingertips when you need them — which eats up system resources. Each font is worth very little in system resources for indexing, but it’s just a case of nickel and diming yourself to death.

          Considering your views on bloat, I’d expect a different approach to choosing fonts.

          You don’t even have time to use all those fonts.

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          Well, I have about 1700.

          by old guy ·

          In reply to That’s pretty friggin’ weak.

          I’m with Jaqui it’s not enough. However, when I was on Win98 there was an issue with too many fonts. However, on Win XP (yeah, I know you guys don’t like it but…)there hasn’t been an issue for me–even using IE.

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        well, it was

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to hmmm

        the number of fonts, I ripped out enough to drop it below 1000 and now Opera displays my site right on my system.

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