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Iv'e just downloaded a new browser "Dolphin 3D" it looks fantastic but is it as good as it seems?. Has anybody tried it?

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Updated-Link deleted- Use Dolphin at your own risk!

by Ron K. In reply to Browser

I downloaded Dolphin and tried it while running Acronis' Home 2010 PC Backup and Recovery in their 'Try and Decide' mode. I'm glad that I did because I don't want a piece of crap browser like Dolphin anywhere near my computer. I'd heartily recommend it to my enemies.<br>
I had to boot to a command prompt to delete the POS from my download directory after 'Deciding' in Acronis to abandon changes.<br>
What are you, 11-12 years old? If not you might be on the Dolphin design team. <br>
Seriously, the default home page is about:clicks. What's that all about? Where's the menu bar? Do all of those half-azz looking icons suit you a lot better than words? The stupid, stinking, POS browser takes over your entire window. Good luck getting back to Start. Alt-Tab anyone? Why do you have to change the entire way you browse to use a browser that looks like a kids aquarium game on Facebook? <br>
I hope that you continue to use Dolphin. In fact, I recommend that YOU do so. Everyone else stay away or use it as a test program for your disaster recovery plan with known good backups. <br>
Dolphin is the worst program I've seen in years and that's saying something. <br>
I think that Chrome sucks but it shines brightly compared to Dolphin. <br>
Peddle Dolphin somewhere else. I can't tell you what I really think about it because the monitor would boot me.
On the other hand, Acronis is well worth the money. But who's going to believe me? After all, I tried Dolphin. That was the first mistake I've made this week.

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Dolphin browser

by john.terri In reply to Updated-Link deleted- Use ...

I downloaded Dolphin from CNET after reading the Users Reviews which were all 5 stars.
I think you are a lone voice in the storm and from the tone of your aggressive and ill-mannered post and the fact that you think Chrome sucks you need two things,
Anger Management Training
A life
Come on man they are only Web Browsers

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